My girls 🙂

Nani-Girl, and her pink bear

I love my Sundays.  Most people go to church, but I don’t.  I used to but I only have so much time to enjoy my new house.  Enjoy some time off with the future hubby and especially chillin’ with my dogs and enjoying the warm Hawaiian sunshine.  It’s my favorite Sunday activity.

I have two dogs.  One, the eldest at 8 years old is a little terrier mutt.  She came to me when she was 1 year old.  She had no where to go, her owner was trying to find a home for her because she lived in an apartment that didn’t allow pets.  I was supposed to only house Nani-Girl until a permanent home was found for her, but after a month with her, I couldn’t seem to let her go, so she became mine.  My late husband, Bobby, took her everywhere and she became our official traveling dog.  Now in her 8th year, she’s a little slow and have already had knee surgery.  She’s a good dog and very affectionate.

My youngest dog is a 3 year old Siberian Husky/Malamute mix. She’s adorable with light blue iridescent eyes that can see to your soul (at least I like to think).  She’s forever a puppy!  She’s also shy and skittish.  When my late husband got her, I thought because she was such low energy among her brothers and sisters, that she was the cutest.  Nope.  Wrong!  It meant she was shy and sacred.  So although she’s my big dog at 50 pounds, where as Nani-Girl is at 13 pounds, Sky is scared of a lot of things.

Sky-my husky/malamute

These dogs are very special to me and my Sundays are my quality time with them 🙂


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