Wedding Plans: Venue

So Josh and I are getting married on July 17, 2011 at the lovely Lanikuhonua on the island of Oahu.  Most people do not recognize the name, but when I say it’s in between Ihilani resort and Paradise Cove, then they kind of know what I’m talking about.  When I say Ko’olina, they get a better picture in mind.

We decided on Lanikuhonua because the thought of a ballroom stifles me.  NOT in the way one would think, I don’t hate the idea, actually my first choice was the Kahala Resort.  But I thought of my dad, who hates anything formal and I thought, I didn’t want him to be at my wedding and wishing he was at home just because he has to try to pretend he knows what to do with the china on the table, or because he has to wear formal clothes.  I thought of ME, who as much as a princess wedding seems like a dream come true, I’d rather be able to breathe in a simple dress, I want it to flow like water on my body, I want to be chill and relax and mingle with my friends and family.  I want people to be able to enjoy the space without feeling trapped by walls.

The beach area at Phase 1
Phase Two, Wedding Site

Because my wedding site is such a blank canvas, there is a ton of room for creativity.  I love the large space knowing that my guests can enjoy Hawaii at its ultimate natural beauty, my out of town guests will surely enjoy it.  The sun sets beautifully on the west side in the summer, I should know since I live out here now.
Oh and more importantly, my wedding planner Tristin is from Finishing Touch Hawaii, and their website gives you an idea as to how I want my outdoor wedding to look.  My favorite wedding in their portfolio is the one with the colors Purple (eggplant) and Lime Green.  Gorgeous!  So I can’t wait 🙂
Tuesday I go to try wedding dresses at Party Dress by Claudette, which seems like an interesting choice, considering I don’t know too much about them.  They were at the Bridal Expo and they were such nice ladies that I thought making an appointment to try on wedding dresses wouldn’t hurt, so Tuesday it is.  I’m excited 🙂  Stay posted, for I’ll post any dress pictures (if they allow me to take them), we’ll see…

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