Drug of Choice: Caffeine

I am addicted to caffeine.  Yes, there I have said it.  I’m not addicted to a daily cup of coffee like everyone else around me at work.  Coca cola is my happiness in a bottle, just like their commercial advertises.

In college, I was addicted to Nescafe Vanilla Lattes and would have about three cups of that to get me through boring lectures, all nighters, and for some reason I couldn’t stop.  Maybe it was because I found out a caffeine withdrawal migraine is the worst!  So you keep drinking and drinking until your body needs a little bit to just get you through the day.

I was never in love with alcohol, never fell for tobacco, or over-the-counter meds.  It was all about caffeine.  After college, I was without my Nescafe machine so I started drinking MORE of my favorite drink, Coca Cola.  The love affair I’ve had with Coca Cola has lasted me more than any relationship with a guy I’ve ever had!  Just a sip made me perky and bubbly and ready to tackle the world.  But once again, as I tried to kick my Coke habit, I found myself with Diet Coke.  Now Diet Coke withdrawals gave me the worst headache EVER…so I started drinking Mocha Frappuccinos until my caffeine overdoses started to make me itch.  Literally.  So I stopped.

In the past 5 years I’ve gone from Coca Cola, to Lipton Ice Tea (unsweetened, but I would add my own pack of sugar), to no caffeine, and the whole cycle all over again!  Now I’m back to Diet Coke Lime (I’m soooo hooked), McDonalds Unsweetened Ice Tea, and just this week I needed a really strong dose, and introduced myself to Vanilla Lattes from McDonalds.  Bad.

So the withdrawal headaches are back.  For a good 5 months I was good, cruising on unsweetened iced tea and diet coke…and it seems I need to once again drop the lattes or else I suffer the consequences.  If I could go back to sucking just water, I would, but how? Beats me.  For now though I need caffeine everyday, even if it’s just tea. Caffeine…how would I function without you?


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