Wedding Dress

I found my wedding dress!  I went to one dress shop, tried on three dresses, and the dress was definitely dress #2.  All I can say is that it’s a dress by Maggie Sottero and it’s gorgeous.  I wanted a Goddess fit gown, goddess meaning grecian look.  And I tried two ball gowns, one that was kind of plain and the other that made me feel like Cinderella.  But I’m not the Cinderella type at all.  I don’t want too much fabric and since my wedding is outdoors, I want something I can move in and I won’t be too sweaty in.  Plus, there was some bling in my dress that just made me want to shine on my wedding day.  I can’t wait!  I hope Josh likes it when he sees it.

As for the other details of my wedding, it’s getting there, with the help of my WP (wedding planner) from Finishing Touch.  I want Frank Amodo to do my photography.  His stuff is just genius.  You feel the emotion in his pictures.  Love it!

All the other stuff is iffy still: videography, hair & makeup, food-though we are thinking of going with Poke Stop, officiant, etc…but we have time.

I’m struggling to think of a theme also.  Usually I’m pretty good at this stuff, but like I told Josh, I’m not the best at planning an event that will happen in a year, well, 11 months to be exact now.  I’m better at planning something a month from now.  As for themes…at Lanikuhonua I love the trees, I want the wedding to have a mystical theme to it, I suppose, almost fantasy, since we both love fantasy genres, but the colors we picked, Orange, Red, Yellow…isn’t really fantasy colors.  It’s more earthy.  Anyway, we’re stuck on that.


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