Eddie Would Go!

So I’m sitting here in my living room, Josh is sprawled out on the couch and watching Edge of Darkness with Mel Gibson.  I’m following along even as I’m blogging, I promise!

On my mind tonight is the Eddie Aikau surf competition that will  most likely being held tomorrow at Waimea Bay.  The Eddie Aikau surf competition is by invitation only.  This is when they call out to the big-wave riders and it’s always exciting to watch.  I’ve never myself driven up to Waimea Bay to watch it (last time was last year, but before that was a few years back), but my fiance’s co-worker is there right now tonight, camping out so he’ll have a prime spot for the competition.

Yes, folks, people take time off from work to see this competition.  I watched some of it on the news last year and the water was perfect, I wish I had been there on the beach!  Now I don’t surf, yes, shame, shame on me-Miss Island girl.  It’s a strange issue I have-not that I want to go into my strange issues…but I love the ocean–I just hate deep water.

Anyway, the problem with driving up to watch the competition tomorrow is the traffic.  Haleiwa is a town with two lanes, can you imagine getting stuck in a two lanes of traffic?

 Above is a picture of Waimea Bay on a calm day in the summer.

Now here’s another picture of Waimea Bay when the Eddie Aikau competition is held.  It’s surfing at it’s ultimate finest.


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