What’s up?

Alright I’ve been gone awhile because my full-time job at the library was taking a lot of my time.  In addition to moving to a new town, my commute had become longer and I spent hours waiting at a bus stop and riding the bus.

Well I’m not there anymore and I have time to blog again!  Lots of things have happened since September!

* Obviously I quit my job and I’ll be trying to find a job on the west side of Oahu.
* I’m deeper into the wedding planning process.
* I went to Philadephia for Thanksgiving and met my future-in-laws.
* Got through Bobby’s 3rd year anniversary-it was hard, as usual.
* Celebrated Hanukkah and Christmas at our house this year.
* Back to babysitting my nephews on Mondays, as I used to do, pre-move.

So I’ll be posting up some pictures from Philadelphia-thinking of getting a flikr account to put all my pictures on.  We’ll see!


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