The Eddie

Well, it’s 8:41am and there is no final word yet if the Eddie Aikau will go on.  According to Hawaii News Now, they are waiting for the waves to be consistent.  There are big waves for sure, but they need to be consistent.  So no word yet, but traffic to the North side of the island is heavy.

Oh wait a minute!  Here is the announcement on Hawaii News about the Eddie Aikau!  Awwwww….the Eddie is not gonna “Go!”  There is no consistency in the waves, it was only 3 waves per hour and they need more for 28 surfers out there.

I feel bad for the tourist who changed their plans to say for the Eddie Aikau.  They said another storm swell is coming by next week so they are hoping the waves will be bigger.  Darn!  Well, if it does happen next week maybe I’ll be there! 🙂  At least I didn’t fight traffic to go there today.


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