What’s for dinner?

Being a house “fiance” right now is a very interesting thing and strange for me…the only stint I did ‘not working’ was some summers in between semesters in college, which was 1998-2000? And 4 months in Barstow, California when Bobby was stationed at Ft. Irwin.  I was going crazy then too…

But this time I am determined not to go crazy.  I’m back to babysitting the kiddos (my nephews) on Mondays which is always found.  I read a lot of Eric Carle and Dr. Seuss and create stories with the boys.

…so that’s my mondays, practicing being a mommy for when Josh and I hopefully have kids 🙂  We look forward to it actually.

Other than that I’ve been writing…stories (because once upon a time when I was ten years old I used to write stories-fiction, total make believe teen romances..lol..I have not changed!) yes, blogging, wedding planning, and house chores.

Today I went to the grocery store…now that I’m home, Josh doesn’t go grocery shopping, which he LOVES.  And I cook…and yes, I do love to cook.  Last night I made Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken, with Broccoli and white rice…it was a big hit with Josh.

Tonight…hmmm…I may do leftovers, because we still have some taco meat from the other night.  Or, salmon? *sigh* I’m not sure…

Uh oh, Sky, the husky ran down from her favorite spot in the house (our BED…it’s a lost battle)…and that’s why she ran down, Daddy’s home…Josh just walked through the door and I don’t know what’s for dinner!



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