Inspirations: Sky and Nani-Girl

Inspirations: Sky and Nani-Girl

I love dogs.  I love cats too, but I grew up with dogs.

When Bobby died and left me with my birthday gift “Sky” our Siberian husky/malamute, she was only one years old.  She was a puppy.  She was a chewing, pooping, and eating-PUPPY.

I was angry because I didn’t want her in the first place and here were my reasons:
1) she was too expensive
2) we already had one dog and were too busy to take care of a puppy
3) I told Bobby I would end up taking care of her…which became oh so true
4) she had lots of hair!

He bought her on my birthday and then said she was my birthday gift!  But Bobby had this habit of buying gifts for me that were really for HIM…lol…I let it slide.  He insisted as I grumbled through potty-training and waking up in the middle of the night to her crying that I would come to love her.  And how could I not love those blue eyes?

Bobby’s hyper energy matched Sky’s “working dog” instinct.  Nani-girl was older, slower, chill (like me).  When Bobby died, I didn’t want to leave the house.  I didn’t want to leave the bed.  Losing someone like that is like having your air supply cut in two.  It’s so hard to breathe.  It’s so hard to believe in happiness, it’s so hard to believe in normalcy.  It’s hard to WANT to go on living.  It was so shocking to me…I wanted to give up.  In the darkest nights, the loneliest nights of crying and praying and feeling so down and defeated after Bobby died.  I wanted to give up.

But there were two dogs that wouldn’t let me.

Nani-girl, the cuddler, licked my faced at night when I cried.  I held her in my arms when I couldn’t reach out to Bobby who used to sleep beside me.  I held her when I felt so empty.

Sky, not the cuddler, would lay on my feet at night.  She has this smile on her face that made me smile, daily, even when I didn’t want to smile.  I thought it was very wrong to WANT to smile, because I was devastated.  When I looked at her I thought about Bobby, who had blue gray eyes.  I remember how Bobby insisted she was my birthday gift and that I would love her someday.

Sky not only made me smile.  But she made me play and laugh again.  She’s so goofy and silly…

 She paws her ears if you talk too much.  She plays peek-a-boo by covering her eyes and letting her tongue hang out.  She talks back!  She even sings when she wants to.  She used to run into my shins if I wasn’t chasing her…I’ve got many a bruise because of her, but more importantly I was reminded how the day goes on, the nights come and go, but it’s time to laugh and play again.

Every day I am motivated and inspired by these two girls to get me out of my bed, go outside and enjoy the sunshine on our daily walks.  Sky doesn’t purposely run into my shins now because she is 4 years old, but she barks from my bed to get me to lay down next to her body as she stretches out.  I scratch her tummy as she cuddles me.

Nani-girl was adopted by Bobby and I just when we were dating for 4 months.  She’s my little speed racer even with knees that used to pop out of their sockets.  Nani-girl jumps the highest, bites the quickest and loves curling up between Josh and I.  She’s 9 years old and has slowed down considerably yet still, I watch her struggle out of bed daily and walk down and up the stairs (her joints aren’t the best) and I know it hurts her, but that dog will run if she sees Josh running.

She’s my strong girl-her knee popped out for awhile before we got surgery done on it.  And the vet was amazed she still ran and jumped.  That’s Nani-Girl.  She doesn’t cry out in pain, she loves everyone even though her bark sounds meaner than Sky.  She’s a wet-tongue kisser.  When I watch her enjoy her life even at what’s soon to be the end of her lifespan, I think…my God, I’m human, and she’s a dog yet she can appreciate every day that comes way better than I do at times.

I thank Bobby for helping in bringing both these dogs into my life…because I can’t imagine trying to live without them, especially when Bobby had gone.

I’ve heard many inspirational stories about pets in people’s lives and I think they are amazing.  These animals, maybe don’t have a large brain or earn degrees, but they know how to heal, by loving their companions and owners.  They’ve taught me about loyalty and unconditional love.  They’ve taught me that every day is really a gift and you better make time to play and enjoy it.  What would I have done without them?  My inspirations…


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