Inspirations: children..specifically, my nephews

I have been babysitting my nephews, Jacob and Isaiah for a total of 5 years going on 6 years, minus a couple months after I moved from their house into my new home.  Working full-time and commuting for a total 3 hours a day, I had stopped babysitting because the thought of adding another day to my 5 day work week commute, was too much for me to handle.

Being without a job, I’ve been asked to babysit once more on my day, which is and was Mondays.  This time around it’s different.  Jacob is in Kindergarten, so I see him in the afternoon.  From 8:30am-3:00pm it’s me and Isaiah.

I love babysitting.  Sure, it was seriously hard to do while I was working 5 days a week and giving up one of my 2 days off to deal with crying children, but when I look back at the 5 years, I’m glad I did it.  One, it prepares me for my own children.  Two, it bonds me with them and family bonds are very important to me.  Three, they kicked up my imagination up a full-notch.  Have you ever seen a kid’s face light up when you tell them a story you’ve made up out of thin air?

It’s exciting!  And for them, it’s magical.  To top it off, I always add picture drawings to the stories I tell them.  Jacob is a big fan of my stories.  He once asked me to create a story that never ends.  I think that’s already been done, The Neverending Story..I won’t read that to him yet, because the Nothing scared me..and I don’t want it to scare him.

So since Jacob was three years old I’ve been weaving simple tales, elaborate fantastical tales or just quick tales to satisfy his unending imagination.

Now as I have time with Isaiah, I try to tell him stories too.  He gets so into it, but the stories I tell him involves his Superhero figurines.  He loves when characters fight and destroy one another and cast spells.  He also loves armies.  Isaiah listens to my stories without adding to them or changing it, so I have to ask him for some parts of the stories.  I’ll ask him to create a name, or create a spell, or a power.  Jacob would usually jump in with his two-cents overeager and changing my stories as I told them.

Isaiah and I were playing yesterday and he’s been speaking more, but can’t put together concrete sentences yet.  I did notice however that he knew all the names of the superhero figurines.  One of them was not a superhero, it was a Goblin.  And it was the one word he said with clarity.  So we started to play with the Goblin and then there was a dragon pirate ship, and then there was treasure.  And all I kept saying was, “I am the Goblin King!  Give me your treasure!!”

Isaiah loved it and he defeated the Goblin King, of course.  And while he was drinking his milk, I started to write a story about a Goblin King (I LOVE the movie Labyrinth by the way!), and about two brothers.  I finished the story in ten minutes and decided that by next monday, I will have illustrated a book, about this story and I’d add it to their library of books.

Well when Jacob came home from school, I told him I created a story and he looked around to see where the book was.  I said it’s in my head and that I will write the words and draw the pictures and when it’s done I’ll read it to him and his brother.  He got very excited as I told him what it was about but we were interrupted by something his brother was doing.

Before I left their house to go home, Jacob said “Aunty! When I see you again, will you bring the…” he said loudly then covered his mouth and whispered “book.”

I said yes!  But I had to draw the pictures.  He asked me if I had crayons to color the pictures and truthfully I said I didn’t.  He said I could use his!  I asked if I could take them home.  He thought about it for a moment and said when I come again, I can use the crayons at his house.  LOL…so I said okay, while he’s at school on Monday, I’ll color the pictures.

His response?  “With Isaiah?!”
Oh man, did that bug him.  I told him by the time he came home, the book would be complete!

LOL…he then told me he loved me and we said our goodbyes.  They are great kids.  So imaginative, they always light a spark in my brain when it comes to stories.  For three years I’ve told them stories, I’ve bought them books…some that are so worn, it makes me so happy.  I LOVE reading and I love books.  I love that my nephews throw books at me for me to read to them.  I can’t wait for them to read books so well and find other worlds as captivating as I found them when I first read books.

Now I have a book to finish…more like I have a Goblin King to draw! 🙂  How exciting is that?


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