I heart China town festival in Hawaii

Kung Hei Fat Choy!  I don’t know if I spelled that right but I googled it so forgive me!  I’m not Chinese.  But I love Chinese New Year celebrations.

It is the year of the Rabbit and yesterday Josh and I ventured to China town in downtown Honolulu to experience some chinese new year festivities!  We decided to go at noon to walk around and then watch the parade at 3pm.

This weekend was a busy one for the island of Oahu.  The NFL Pro-Bowl is today, but players and their families were flying in all weekend.  Not only was the Chinese New Year Celebrations underway, but there was NFL Pro-Bowl events happening in Waikiki as well, so it’s been a fun weekend!

Luckily I worked in down town for five years and found cheap parking at the building that hold’s Macy’s.  It’s $3.00 flat fee and they close at 7pm.  Plus the parking slots are wider for my truck and the ceiling taller!

 Here’s down town china town, the road is blocked off so cars aren’t passing through.

So here’s Josh and I already feeling the heat of the January sun!  Talk about a gorgeous day!  We walked around the streets that were blocked off for the event and right away I could smell food cooking on a spit!  Oh heaven!

Usually down town smells of urine and other things I don’t like to think about, as there are many homeless that hang out there, sleep on the sidewalks, etc…but I didn’t care, it’s Chinese New Year and I pray for prosperity and good health!

 It’s hot and I am sweaty and I need the shade but the next best thing?  Shave ice!  Strawberry…yum!!

 I hear the drums and cymbals, where’s the lion!  I need to give him my dollar!!

 A grateful lion after taking my dollah bill!  Now I better have good luck in 2011 with my finances 🙂

I love when the lions shake their tail.  It’s too cute!  So we walked around and bought more food and sought more shade.  Since the parade was nearing I wanted to try the goodies at Otto Cake on Smith Street.  I’ve heard about them just didn’t know where they were located!  Low and behold, I’ve found them!

 Cute packaging!

Green tea cheesecake!  I’m not a cheesecake lover unless it’s pumpkin cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory but I love Green Tea flavored ice cream, tea, Jamba Juice, frappucino, you name it.  I love green tea.  Had to try this and I wasn’t disappointed.  Josh had their vanilla cupcake with chocolate cream cheese frosting and he almost bought another because it definitely hit the spot!  If you like cheesecake, try theirs.  It’s a cute tiny shop on Smith Street in down town.

So then we waited for the parade, choosing our spot in the shade, sitting on the curb.

 And I started playing with the Canon camera Josh got me for my birthday.  It even makes these bikes looks so cool.  I love this camera.

 Yes, we are sitting on Hotel street, here’s Manifest it’s a coffee shop in the day and a bar at night I believe.

 So we were wondering why people kept looking up above us as they passed us on the street and then I saw the sign.  Josh and I had parked our butts on the curb just in front of the old Club Hubba Hubba!  Josh didn’t know what I was talking about but I said the older people were laughing because they knew of Club Hubba Hubba…my dad and his friends know about it.  This club was notorious back in the day during World War II, it was where the navy sailors came to hang out.  Josh having been in the Navy, laughed.  So we sat under the sign as I watched older folks point at the sign and take pictures.  Finally the kid sitting next to me asked her mom, “Mom, was that a strip club?” LOL…ohhh boy….

 We waited some more, as you can see, I’ve gotten a slight tan from hanging out in china town for two hours now.

 The Meth Project Volunteers were passing out these bands.  It says NOT EVEN ONCE.  But I thought I was a cute way to do “Even”, “Not Even”…it’s such pidgin slang…lol…oh I was so trying to amuse myself as we waited for the parade.

I think Josh was tired of me taking pictures of us.  LOL.


 Here we go!

 Here’s a dragon following the ball of light!

 I love the bright colors!

 Here’s a yellow lion 🙂

 And here’s the new Mayor, Peter Carlisle running from one side of the street to the other shaking hands and giving high fives.  Oh he was so energetic and we got to shake his hand…LOL…love the energy.

 The Royal Hawaiian Band founded in 1836 by King Kamehameha III.

 And the Waikiki Trolley.  I still need to ride one of these!

 Hey look, it’s my Alma Mater!  Represent!  I love how their march went something like, “We are Farrington!  We like to party!  We party hearty!”….yup, that’s Kalihi for you.  Go GOVS!

 Here’s the Navy – they brought some live music to the parade.


 Lions!  Man, these lions made some money today!

 Kids enjoying the fun of Chinese New Year!

 I love the green lion.

 A panda…

 Congresswoman Collen Hanabusa?

 I love when dogs are in parades.

 And yes, the Corvette Club of Hawaii was present in the parade.  LOL…

A flurry of lions!

 The last lion of the day…thank goodness because my butt was hurting from siting down for almost 2-3 hours.

Alright honey..time for dinner.  How about that pizza place you wanted to try?  Ooo..JJ Dolans?  Yup!  Let’s do it!

 Hungry much?

Ahhh…pizza…sooooo good.  Cheese for Josh and Pepperoni for me.  I am sated, I am tired and I am happy.  Happy Chinese New Year!  A nice day in Chinatown.


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