Learning to Grow

As a homeowner I feel that my home is my creative space.  It’s up to me what I want to do to fill the space and make it more mine.

The one thing I’ve always wanted to do, but never tried because I was living with my parents who grew up farming, was to grow flowers.  I never tried it around them because they would criticize me every step of the way and I would give up if I heard the words “That’s not how to do it!”

Well, growing flowers is my way to grow out of listening to my parents criticism of me all my life.  So one day I was at target and wandered into the plant section and low and behold they had a hold section of flower seeds!  So I stood really asking myself if I could do it and will do it.

We have red ginger in our garden now, but we had a landscaper put it in.  We water it and I talk to them.  I even care for them by digging up the weeds that threaten to kill them.  So I think I have a little bit of a green thumb!

 Here is the view of the side of our house from the lanai area.  I told you we had a lot of red ginger!

 Here’s a pretty blossom.  For a time I thought they weren’t growing so I would tell them how pretty they were and I named them…Russian names like Anastascia and Natalia…lol…because I thought they sounded so exotic and sophisticated just like my red ginger girls.  And then they grew…and then we had rain for a good month and they grew larger…and now it’s a forest back there!

 Here’s a ginger flower blooming.  I’ve noticed white-flies on my plants because of the plants from the neighbor’s property that are considered a “common” area.  I did see the landscaper spraying down the plants with white-fly killer spray…so I hope it works!

 Here’s a gorgeous girl 🙂

 This a view from the front side gate that we never use because the space is so small.  If I had to redo the landscaping I would have kept this row void of flowers so I could start planting my own.  Sure I can dig it up too, but it sounds ambitious.  You can see my neighbor’s red ginger plant over the fence in the back…huge right?  Can you imagine when my blossoms grow that tall?  Oh my goodness…

And this is what surrounds my red ginger…now sure what it’s called, but it’s everywhere in Hawaii.  And that’s my current garden.

Anyway, so I chose a packet of seeds at Target and even now I can’t tell you what they were.  All I know is that they are orange and red flowers.  I bought a little pot and potting soil and let it sit out on my lanai for a week before remembering I had to plant the seeds.  So a few days ago, I filled the pot with potting soil and planted my seeds.  I watered it and placed it in the sun and have watched the pot from the window in the lanai door.

I planted the seed on 1/26/11 in my green pot! I’ve been excited and anxious to see some sort of life begin.

Today (1/30/11) I was looking out the window and saw some green life in the pot and got so excited!

Do you see?  Do you see?  Life!  Oh how beautiful…now…I hope it actually grows and grows and soon I’ll have grown my first pot of flowers.  And I have told Josh I want to plant more so I can have a row of potted flowers facing our lanai!  How exciting will that be?  I can’t wait!


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