Nani-Girl: SARDS

So we went to the vet and it was an event, as always.  How do dogs know they are at the vet just by sitting in the parking lot?  Does it smell of death and surgery?  Well whatever it is, my dogs hate it.  Sky, especially.  I was very surprised she actually sat on the scale.  She’s definitely gained weight.  She’s 54 lbs and I’m sure last time she was weighed in March 2010 she was 50 lbs.  Maybe Ewa Beach if good for her!

Our vet is Dr. Koreyasu and she is located at the Kaka’ako Pet Hospital.  She used to be at The Kapalama Pet Hospital, but this new location has way better parking and the inside of the building is cleaner and newer.  I liked it all very much! Sky managed to take treats from the staff, which is very good, because she’s usually to scared to do so.  The only part that freaked her out was the part they had to check her and draw blood (sigh).  She tried to slip out of her collar and exploded with energy.  Thing is Josh ran her at high noon for about a mile and she came back panting so hard that she was about to fall asleep.  Even that run didn’t settle her anxiety.  She was better than her other visits, but she managed to be the first dog to express her anal glands at the new clinic:  of course, it had to be Sky to bless them with it (very embarrassing-I’m just glad they expect that of her).

We talked about Sky’s obvious problems with anxiety.  Sky has been dealing with it since Bobby died-I think it got worse because she picked it up from me!  Poor dog.  Now I don’t know how to get her out of it.  She is a Siberian Husky/Malamute and these dogs were bred to run the Iditarod Race in Alaska!  These dogs can run 1150 miles in 10-17 days.  Not my dog, obviously, but the ones who have trained, for sure!  It’s mind-blowing and a show of endurance.  I am not a runner, but I’m trying every day to run a little so that one day I can actually give Sky some sort of exercise.  Josh is a runner, so she gets a good run when he does take her out.  I’m going to start walking her with a doggypack again to see if that helps her “work” since she is a working dog.  Other than that, Sky did well and is very healthy.

Now Nani-Girl.  The vet checked her eyes and her optic nerves are intact with enough blood supply-nothing is damaged and she has no glaucoma.  She suspects she has a condition called SARDS which stands for Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration.  There isn’t a cure for the condition because not much is known about the condition as to WHY it occurs.  Nani-Girl did experience symptoms that made me curious about 3 months ago-she was eating much more, yet was tired…we thought it was her thyroid acting up.  Unfortunately, an increase in appetite is a symptom of SARDS.

So next step-we will take her to an animal ophthalmologist and see what course to take.  She is nine years old and I’m not sure what we can do to save her eyesight, but I guess we’ll wait and see…

If she ends up blind, we’ll do our best to make sure she lives a good life.  She still grabs a toy when she wants to play, which is so cute!  đź™‚  She still jumps around when she smells a treat in front of her.  And most of all, she still looks happy!  It’s been one week like this and I think she is getting accustomed to it.  But we shall see…


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