Television Shows…brain drain or mindscape?

I’ve never been big on television the way people record their favorite shows to watch a marathon of it.  Well, now that I have my own house and a lovely t.v. (thanks to Josh’s dad…the one upstairs, I’ll thank Josh, not that we use that one much).  It’s the living room t.v. that brings us joy-it could be the surround sound system Josh put up, but whatever it is….I love 🙂  No wonder people love TV!!!

I love House.  I mean who doesn’t?  Hugh Laurie is the shizzz!!  Seriously.  He’s my favorite doctor ever!  He’s intensity is spot on and talk about drama, doesn’t it get your heart racing when they don’t know why someone is dying?  It’s fantastic!  I see that Amber Tamblyn is part of the cast, I like her!  I used to watch it back in the day, but then my schedule made me so busy, television was last priority.  So maybe I’ll watch this season’s House.

Of course there is Glee and yes, I’m a Gleek.  How can I not love Glee?  I was in the Dole Glee Club for my seventh and eight grade year.  I sang alto, but mainly I was the keyboardist for the Glee Band.  It was so much fun!  I didn’t think our Glee club were filled with losers since we had about 50 or so members.  Plus, our Glee club had some people who could kick butt.

I like Glee because of the music.  We have so many shows about violence already, which is great and all.  It’s exciting, gets the adrenaline pumping, but it’s nice to have a show with people singing!

Sometimes when I remember it’s on, I catch Modern Family.  I love the different kinds of family units that belong in a modern family these days.  It’s so true, right?  Josh and I always get a laugh when we watch the show.  And I’m glad they have the gay couple who raise a daughter.

I haven’t been able to catch too much of this show, but my sister LOVES it.  I loved the few episodes I did catch.  But Raising Hope is a funny show.  I love how their family is kinda ghetto-I can so relate! Haha 🙂 That’s how I know most families to be anyhow!

For awhile Josh and I watched Hawaii 5-0, then the whole 9pm time slot would get into our winding down going to sleep time.  Haha…it’s fun to watch so I can see how they use the places I know in their story line.  Hawaii looks gorgeous in HD…lol…and it’s fun to hear them mess up the name of locations or create fictional places.  Plus, there is always some cameo appearance by a random actor I had not seen for years.  They seem to pop up on Hawaii 5-0, how random is that?

For laughs and giggles, Josh and I can always count on Family Guy. Gotta love me some Stewie!

Anyone got other t.v. show suggestions?  What am I missing out on?


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