My So Called sex Life…

Once a year, I bring out my “My so-called Life” dvd set, sit on the couch and do a marathon.  Well this week has been the time of the year for me.  Right now I’m on disc 4, where Jordan and Angela are finally hooking up.  I’d have hooked up with Jordan Catalano in a nano-second.  LOL.  But never mind me…

I liked how the show addressed sex issues as a teenager and remember, this show came out in the 90’s.  These days it’s so common for young girls to go on birth control or use condoms.  Back then it was still kind of not cool to be buying condoms and wearing them (guys always said something to make you think not using a condom was OKAY…it’s not guys…if it’s not pregnancy it’s STD’s…common sense).  So I’m watching the scene where Jordan wants to do “it” and he’s trying to find ways to get Angela to say yes.  Angela wants to, but doesn’t want to-which is why I loved this show back in the 90’s when these same issues were hounding me in high school.

It’s confusing when you are young and really like a boy to the point you think you LOVE them.  I remember the pressure to say when and where, or just to say yes when inside you really want to say no, but you’re not sure.  Ah, young love.

Poor Angela, Jordan dumps her because she gets scared and won’t do it.  The tragedy of it all.  He tells her he won’t “hold it against her” if people ask.  Sad.  Jordan says “you’re supposed to.  It’s what’s expected unless you’re abnormal.”..Ouch.  These days I know girls have more say in what they want, they’re more vocal about it, more confident, which is really good.  It’s nice to know that these days, girls can determine if they want it or not.

Anyway, I so respected Angela for not giving into Jordan Catalano, even though he is one hottie-pa-tottie.  Did every girl have a Jordan Catalano moment in their life?  I so had a Jordan once, course his name wasn’t Jordan…but I was so addicted to him and I knew he was sooooo wrong for me.  Thank God I was smart enough to know he was wrong for me and ended it before it was too late.

I wish they continued the show, I so wanted to see how Angela and Jordan would have ended up! 🙂

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