I want my mommy

Whenever I get sick, I want my mommy.  Is that weird?
I’m Filipino, Ilocano to be exact and growing up Ilocano meant whenever I was sick, my mom would squeeze the juice from Calamansi fruit.

We had a tree growing up in Kalihi, my mom still has the tree.  When it’s in bloom, people at the bus stop ask if they could have some.  My mom usually gives away the fruit if there is too much on the tree.  I’m thinking I need to grow one at my house, for times when I’m feeling ill and my mom isn’t around to remind me to drink some calamansi 🙂
A shot of the juice squeezed fresh from the fruit is very, very sour.  I like that kick though.  Plus, I like to think it gives me a shot of Vitamin C-since it’s related to oranges I would think it’s an awesome source of Vitamin C.  Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.  When I would start to have an itchy throat, I’d start making my calamansi shots, just a little goes a long, long way, I’d say a tablespoon is good.  And I’d take it until my cough is gone.  The trick is to start it right away when you aren’t feeling good though.  If you use it when you’re already full blown sick, it won’t do much-but that’s my opinion.
Calamansi isn’t only used for a cough remedy-I love it in my pancit (noodles), yummmm…and when I was in the Philippines 10 years ago (yeah I know, shame on me, it’s been so long)…I had Calamansi Iced Tea…soooooo delicious.  Especially because I love iced tea!!  I also love calamansi in shoyu (soy sauce), used for dipping barbeque meat…okay…I’m officially hungry.
I think I got my illness from my nephew who had a fever when I babysat him AND from Josh, who was recovering from a respiratory infection.  But Josh was good in helping me feel comfortable while I’m sick.  I made him caress my hair like my mom used to do when I was ill.  (lol…I think he enjoyed it).  He made me dinner and did the dishes.  He’s very caring and I’m thankful.
Today I’m feeling better, my fever is gone, thank god.  I know having a fever is the body’s way of fighting infection, but couldn’t there have been a nicer way for the body to do that?  I hate having a fever-nothing worse than feeling so weak and muscles aching. The cough is still there, but I hope it’s on it’s way out. 
I guess now I won’t be needing my mommy…lol…I just want my joshy…and some calamansi…:-)

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