Some Valentine’s Day Cheer-Julia Nunes

Today I was researching music for my wedding playlist.  For some reason, creating the cocktail hour playlist is easier than the dance hour playlist.  And just so happens, as it often happens when you do a search on Google-my search for “God Only Knows” by the Beatles brought me to youtube and then I stumbled upon this girl with a ukulele, Julia Nunes.

Me, being from Hawaii saw the ukulele in her hand and HAD to hear her play it.  Not only does she play it, but she has all these funny videos.  Kids are so creative these and they aren’t afraid to put it out there!  So brave of them!  Of course, I LOVED her rendition of “Build Me Up Buttercup”, along with her friends as back up.  Made me laugh and smile as I sat here all morning blowing my stuffy nose.

Here’s another one that got me cracking up!

Uke’s rock 🙂 Haha…

This is how I spent my morning, obviously…but hey I got a laugh even though I was feeling miserable.

And as much she did covers, I do like her original stuff too.  Like this one-where she rocks on a guitar this time.  I think I love how honest her performances are.  She’s basically wearing her PJ’s and jammin’’s refreshing.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed it too 🙂

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