Sick as a Dog, Grouchy as a Bear?

So for the past 5 days I have been miserable.  I think I may have had the flu, or a bad cold, or a sinus infection or all of it!  Today I slept for more than 12 hours and I’m ready to go nighty-night again.  I’ve made Sky scared of me today because I kept yelling at Nani-Girl (she’s blind..but for some reason I feel like she’s deaf so I yell so she can hear me…yeah, the flu is not making me act right, okay?)…but when I yell at Nani-Girl, she’s gets scared and bumps into everything AND on top it all, Sky gets terrified even if I’m not yelling at her.  (sigh…)  Plus my yelling wasn’t scary to my knowledge because I’m stuffed up and muffled, but maybe to my dogs I sound like a grouchy bear?

Possibly-poor things.  So I had to make amends and apologize to Sky today..I laid with her on the bed and scratched her tummy.  Poor girl wanted to play today and I zonked out-I remember her nudging me with her nose during my long nap today, but I was feeling horrible and coughing out yucky stuff.

Well I downloaded pics from my camera and wanted to post them.  Here’s Josh and I ready to go cosmic bowling with the kiddos for a birthday party.  I SUCK at bowling.  No joke…I proved it to myself twice that night.  It was fun watching Josh bowl, he takes these itty bitty steps at first then lets his ball fly, my nephew Isaiah found it so funny that he imitated Josh all night for my pleasure…I believe he now thinks that’s how people bowl (Isaiah is 3 years old by the way).

 Ready Josh?  You ready to bowl?
Let’s do this!
Cosmic Bowling at Ft. Shafter…nothing like bowling down pins to the song of “Push it” by Salt and Pepa
I don’t think Josh did go with this one…lol
Whatever, he won both games.  I came in LAST on the 2nd game.  Sad.
Here’s an update on my flower plant…I’ve been watching it this week since I’ve been ill and I’m bored out of my mind.  Being sick is boring, am I right? Anyway, it’s growing!  I just wish flowers would start blooming, I didn’t realize it took so long for plants to grow.  Speaking of growing, the weeds around our house grow faster than my plant does, it’s starting to irritate me-but it is on my lift of things to do when I get better.  Weed, weed, weed!

And of course, Josh and I celebrated Valentine’s Day on the DAY before Vday at Longhi’s Restaurant in Honolulu.  I didn’t take pictures at the restaurant because I was feeling tired, the service was really slow but they were totally booked…still…I was sick and ready to go home.  Anyway here are our pics getting ready to leave the house.
Not sure why he decided to stick his head on my shoulder…
He did it again!  Am I that short?  Come on…thank God or makeup-I don’t look death ill in these pics!

I think it’s because I always cut his head off in…OH WELL.

Being sick and bored, I have this tendency to find anything to amuse me…like this:

This was Sky keeping me company on the couch she’s not supposed to be on…LOL…she breaks the rules when mommy is sick and not caring what she does…bad, I know.  Anyway, we were watching the Westminster Dog show…I wonder what she was thinking as she watched the show with me.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Sick as a Dog, Grouchy as a Bear?

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