Art After Dark: Uma Noite de Carnaval

Last night my good friend Brian and I went to the Honolulu Academy of Art in down town Honolulu.  On the last friday of every month they have an event called Art After Dark.  Entrance fee is $10 if you are not a museum member and the event is from 6-9pm.  The event last night was called Uma Noite de Carnaval and it was a nod to Brasil and carnaval!

Brian and I first sampled the cuisine made by Town.  I had the flan and chicken/potato pie (which was a little dry, but I was hungry).  Brian had the salad, which was delicious.  I didn’t know in the other courtyard they had more food, but I didn’t want to spend more money.

Orange Flan

Drinks were made by Downtown.  I got to try a Brazilian cocktail called Caipirinha.  It’s made with lime, sugar, cachaca, and they added some canada dry.  It tastes similar to a mojito.  Very refreshing on a warm night!


There was lively latin music as we hung out and ate in Luce Pavillion.  I was already shaking my hips as we stood in line to buy food!  Haha.  Later that night when we came back to Luce Pavillion, people were dancing and it was packed.

In another courtyard, there was an area where people were making their carnaval masks!  So Brian and I chose some masks and did some art work with glue, feathers and sparkly stuff.  Haha!
Starting point…feathers…

Brian’s mask

Here we are in our masks!

Now for some Capoeira in the central courtyard by Capoeira Besouro.  The music wants you to shake your body and the kids are so cute!
Watching Capoeira demonstration

Brian and I enjoying the night!

We had a great time touring the galleries-it brought back Brian back to when he was a child on field trip. The place got pretty packed with people by the time we got done walking through the galleries.  There was a party in the central courtyard.

Overall, the night was fun with great music, beautiful people and art!  I highly recommend checking out the Art After Dark events and you don’t have to go to each one, check their website for their schedule of events, each month they feature something different!


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