Friends: Memory Cheesecake

It’s a known thing that when you age and people are in different stages in their lives, it’s sometimes hard to get together with your friends.  People move to different neighborhoods or states.  They have families and become busy, they have strenuous jobs and become busy but there is always a time when you notice you’ve been drifting away from each other, hoping that you haven’t drifted too far.

I have friends from elementary school, meaning it’s been 20 something years and counting that we’ve known each other and people have moved all over the United States, but once in awhile, someone will visit Hawaii and it’ll be time to round up whoever is here on the island.  We get together, we laugh like we’re still ten year olds, teasing someone over a boy, teasing each other about something.  You laugh until your tummy aches and you’re falling over and gasping for air.

Yet this time around, we can see were in our early thirties and amazed that we’ve known each other since we were wearing braids in our hair.  Some of of have children, some don’t.  Some of us are in school, some not.  Some of us are working and some in between jobs or trying to find our career.  Some of us are married, some still say its complicated and some still looking.  But it doesn’t matter because we are young again and it never ceases to amaze me how you can pick up where you left off 5 years ago or sometimes 10 years ago.

Last night was one of those nights.  We got together, we laughed, we complained, we waited…and laughed some more until the night was over and we said goodbye!

We started the night at Cheesecake Factory in Waikiki.  If you have never been here to this Cheesecake Factory (the only one on the island but I know they are littered across mainland USA) be prepared to wait an hour or more (2 hours if you have a large party like we did) to sit down and eat!  We met at 7pm and sat down at 9:30pm….yes, you read right.  The place was slammed and people waited that long to eat.  I was amazed at the endurance of these tourists and locals that came to Cheesecake to eat!

Cheesecake Factory Waikiki

Cheesecake Factory Waikiki

We killed time by doing what girls do best.  Photo-op!  Thanks to Josh, my fiance for amusing us by being our photographer!

Me, Mel, MJ and Eun

Me, Mel, Eun, MJ, Cherryl

I don’t know why but we didn’t take picture of the boys! LOL…thanks Joe, Josh and Aaron for letting us girls be girls.

Finally seated at 9:30pm!

Josh and me, ready to eat!

So after our large portioned meals and more laughs, we were ready to leave.  But since Josh parked in the wrong garage we had to get our ticket validated and it sounded like a good time to get a night cap at Rum Fire @ the Sheraton Waikiki since that’s where he parked.

@ the Sheraton Waikiki


It’s not this a pic I got from google images.

So to get our ticket validated, I got myself a refreshing Mojito.  The night was lovely, stars were out, music was playing and we got to relax a bit before heading out.  

It was a long but fun night with friends that are tried and true.  I look forward to the memories we strive to make year after year even with our separate and busy lives.  Good times!


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