Caffeine: I wish!!!

I am a caffeine addict.  I cannot go one day without it.  My caffeine of choice comes in a Coca-Cola can or bottle.  Diet Coke to be exact.

It is happiness in a bottle, just as they advertise! 🙂  And let me tell you, when I’m PMS-ing and have no Coke at all…it’s torture.  Just like today.


You see-even this cat can’t enough of it–I know kitty, I KNOW!!!

I ran out of my diet coke 12 pack just two days ago.  I went to my other source for caffeine-Lipton Iced Tea-cold brew, with a teaspoon of sugar.  Yum 🙂 Today I didn’t have time to make my iced tea and just an hour ago I felt a headache coming on.

Then I remembered I have another quick source for caffeine happiness-Haagen Daas Green Tea ice cream. Ugh, I’m screwed and now I’m going into town to have dinner with some friends!  Yikes, just ruined my appetite!  Teaches me not to neglect my caffeine addiction or else I will be screwed.
I used to be worse-I use to suck down a frappuccino or ice blended or latte daily.  So a diet coke a day is actually me cutting down on caffeine-if you can believe it!


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