Dogs: Siberian Huskies

My Siberian Husky/Malamute, Sky, should have been called Shadow.  She follows me to the bathroom when I shower (sits on the mat to guard me).  Follows me when I go up and down the stairs to the point I scold her to stay put!  She gives me “the look” when she wants to go on an adventure and uses those pretty blue eyes to make me give in to her demand for a hug, a run, a walk, or a treat.  Yup, Sky is MY master.  How shameful.  So in tribute to huskies, who are such interesting dogs-here are some of my favorite clips found on youtube of some pretty talented huskies!

That’s a fun youtube clip by a husky owner!  Oh my goodness I feel her pain-everyday there is husky hair all over my house.  My Dyson vacuum is my third pet!! Grr…but what can I do?  I love Sky!  When I brush Sky’s hair, that’s exactly what happens-tufts of hair fall off of her.

Mishka has got to be the cutest husky ever-she talks sooo much, she has all these youtube clips too.  Sky needs so much encouragement to say “I love you”, she looks at me and Josh like were weirdos (ugh, imagine Josh and I saying at a high pitch “I love you” to Sky…we ARE weirdos..LOL).  

Check out Loona trying to hear the right tune to sing along with, so funny!  This is a great clip!

Aww, I wish Sky would sing to classical music.  My Sky only sings if there is a siren loud enough for her to catch the pitch, then we tell her “sing-sing” and she’ll belt one out.

Oh my goodness-here’s another one of Mishka’s songs and now she’s on itunes?!  I told you she was uber popular-she even has a twitter account.  Hmmm, I better follow her.  🙂

Um, Sky, get over here and make me some money, doggy!!

Here’s another clip of huskies singing, which I love, because they do it to Gwen Stefani which is great-they are even on time with the beat somewhat, which is great.

Huskies are fun dogs if you have lots of energy, lots of patience (because of the hair) and lots of love to give.  Sky wants a hug on a daily basis, a tummy scratch, and lots of praise “she’s a pretty girl”-I just wish she wasn’t so shy and anxious with strangers-but I guess it helps her guard the house when we are not home, so that’s good.

Next post will be an update of Nani-Girl, my blind girl-stay tuned and I hope you enjoyed the husky clips.  After awhile, their singing can get to you (with me it’s Sky’s “complaining” or “talking” as they people call it), but if you have huskies- each time they talk or sing, it’s a guaranteed laugh, which is why I adore Huskies.

I’m awful at catching Sky on film and she never does anything when she knows I’m filming her so I doubt I’ll get to my youtube collection of her clips so I like to see the other husky clips on youtube, it’s so entertaining!


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