National Geographic: Digital or Print?

I LOVE National Geographic and for the past year I had a subscription until I realized I need space to keep magazines in my tiny home and I have no more space to designate to magazines.  Josh enjoys the magazine as well and I miss it.  Haha…do you think it’s because I used to work in Periodicals at HPU?  I saw magazines and journals almost every day for five years, I guess I’m having withdrawals on information overload. checked out their website and saw that they have a digital subscription and that would help me on the space issue (it’s why libraries weed their old magazines and journals as well and subscribe to databases-space issues!).

If the Kindle was in color-I’d get it on Josh’s Kindle, but it’s black and white.  If I had an iPad 2 or when I get one…I’m going to get all my magazines on that!! 🙂 It will save me space for sure.

When I used to work at the library, we donated our National Geographic back issues to the Friends of the Library Book Sale which supports Hawaii State Public Libraries.  I never knew how popular they were until I went to one of these book sales and saw people all over the shelves grabbing very old issues of National Geographic. you can see to the left of this post, sells The COMPLETE National Geographic-every issue since 1888!  Wow and it’s only 39.86?  Check out the space saver on that?

I guess my problem then is to wait to get an ipad or order it now and read it on my laptop, which is not bad since it’s only $15.00 for a year subscription.  We’ll see…



2 thoughts on “National Geographic: Digital or Print?

  1. if you really want to get it now, then get it. if you don't mind waiting a couple more weeks till the Ipad 2 comes out then I'd wait. That way your not doing double duty on downloading. Hope this helps!

  2. i probably won't be getting the ipad2 soon though…oh well, i think i can wait-yeah i thought about the whole double duty on downloading, that's why i was debating about it. but thanks for your input! i'll go to a bookstore and read the whole issue there for now…lol…

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