The Life Foundation: Honolulu AIDS Walk

It’s that time again for the annual Honolulu AIDS Walk with The Life Foundation!  This year commemorates their 20th anniversary which is fantastic!  I have a few friends walking this year, I’m still debating if I should do it-but if I don’t walk, I will donate to the cause.  My friend Brian is trying to raise $100.00 for the walk and I will be sponsoring him-if you are interested in helping out please click HERE.

The walk is on Sunday, April 17th, 2011 and here’s a little description of the foundation straight from their website:

Life Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to stopping the spread of HIV and to assisting people who are living with HIV and AIDS. Since opening its doors as Hawaii’s first AIDS organization in 1983, Life Foundation has been implementing innovative programs such as AIDS case management, school based AIDS education, the sterile needle exchange, peer support for positives, treatment education and peer-to-peer HIV prevention outreach.

In 2011, Life Foundation works with nearly 750 HIV-positive men, women, children and transgenders to insure they are receiving proper medical, financial, and emotional support. Life Foundation also offers HIV testing and counseling. All services are free and confidential.”  – The Life Foundation

When I was at Farrington High School immersed in the Health Academy 🙂 we did a lot to get the word out about HIV/AIDS.  We studied it a lot in classes-I remember the whole Health Academy broke up into groups and each group had to create and act scenes related to people living with HIV.  Our group had to deal with HIV/AIDS in the work place-of course I played the guy with HIV (there were no boys in our group and no one wanted to act!)…The scene dealt with Tom who had a one night stand (I remember the group that did that scene-it was so scandalous! haha), so Tom (me) is at work and faints (I fell to the floor so good that my friend Judith in the audience rushed to help me and I broke concentration and started laughing up a storm!)-prompting him to go to the clinic, get tested–I had to be very angry in this clinic scene after finding out Tom is Positive too–and I don’t think people saw me “erupt” like that at school.  It was good times and I was grateful for the exposure we got to the HIV/AIDS issue in Hawaii.

Support the Life Foundation by walking or giving or spreading the word! 🙂

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