Nani-Girl Update and Sky Pics

Miss Nani-Girl has been having a tough time at life lately.  Her blindness has gotten her down-her personality before SARDS would be described as spunky, active and curious.  The spunk has left her and it’s been replaced with fear.

The only time I observe excitement in her is when she gets a morning treat (her breakfast).  Rarely will I see her get a toy and bring it to me now, but we still try to engage her other senses.  Recently I got her some clothing because Josh and I noticed that she shivers throughout the day like she’s always cold.  This is something she’s never really done before.

Here’s my Nani-Girl who needs a good shave, but I’m hesitant to use the buzzer on her.  I’m sure she’ll wonder what is trying attack her-a huge Bee?  Poor doggy-but I’ll probably shave her this afternoon when Josh is home so he can hold her.

For a time the couch was off limits for the dogs-Sky still is banned from the couch but we find her hair on the couch when we return from an outing without the dogs.  Also, I’ve caught her jumping on there in the middle of day, but she knows she’s not allowed when Josh is home.

Nani-Girl is now allowed on the couch because she usually tucks herself under the blanket we keep on the couch.  Ever since going blind I find her walking all over me then settling on my lap, putting her ear against my heart and falling asleep.

It’s very sweet-I wish she’d curl up next to Sky sometimes, but Sky thinks it’s out of ordinary because most times when Nani-Girl wasn’t blind, she’d growl at Sky to keep away from her.  No touching!

Josh watching t.v. after work, and Nani-Girl trying to stay warm next to him.

Today, I decided Nani-Girl should go on a real walk like she used to before she had SARDS.

She’s perky in the morning! I usually put her in red, but this outfit was cheap-pink, but cheap.

Sky is ready to go outside.

Morning sunshine!

Since I have lots of time at home these days, I have taught Nani-Girl a routine of some sort.  Now she knows her morning routine very well.  I’ll tell her it’s time to go outside and she’ll come to the edge of the bed and hesitate a bit.  I will sit on the bed and tap my lap and say “up, up” (Josh taught her that command when she went blind)-when I say “up,up” she will walk onto my lap and I will pick her up, holding her close so she won’t panic.

Sky runs down the stairs like a maniac usually.  I’ve also found that if I am upstairs and Nani is with me-she will follow me if I go down stairs.  She’s taken a few tumbles when she went blind because she rushed down the stairs.  Now when she’s at the top of the stairs I will either sit on the top stair and say “up,up” and she’ll climb onto my lap so I can carry her down.
Or, if I have something in my hands and can’t carry her-I call her to the stairs and I say “c’mon Nani-Girl, you can do it!”  I will say that after every step down she takes (we have 15 steps)-but I’ve read that it’s good to let blind dogs do things they’ve done before because it builds confidence in them. 
Today we went out to the backyard as we do everyday and the neighbor’s dog, whose name I do not know, was peeking through our fence.  
He’s a sweet dog, I call him Sky’s Boyfriend-because Sky and him are always peeking at each other through the fence!  Nani will sniff him and bark but I’m glad she approaches the fence and is curious.  
Neighbor’s dog-cute right?!  He’s so sweet too!
This is our neighbor’s dog who was peeking through the fence this morning-there’s another dog there, a black chihuahua which barks up a storm to the point of annoying- but this little guy whines and puts his paw through the fence.  Josh has touched him-he seems gentle.  
Need to ask the neighbor about him-yet our neighbor is never home…from my bedroom window I can see their dogs and they are always tearing up something in the yard-poor dogs must be BORED.

Scraggly-she needs a haircut

Sky so happy after her treat!

Nani ready for her morning nap

Nani-Girl has very low energy these days.  She only wants chicken to eat-that’s the only thing that excites her.  I tried giving her a biscuit yesterday and she snubbed me.  While Nani slumbers, Sky wants to play so I indulge her for a bit.  I bought the dogs some toys and treats yesterday.  I got Nani-Girl a butterfly that squeaks and the wings make a crunchy sound when you grab it-she was interested in it yesterday, but wasn’t really into it this morning.  I’ll look for other ways to stimulate her brain-she needs a lot of it!
Whereas Ms. Sky got a caterpillar.

As you can see from this clip she wants to “play”…lol…crazy dog.

Stay tuned for my continuation on the doggy post on them will be about the “dog walk” 🙂


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