Black Out: A day and night of no electricity in Ewa Beach

Yesterday, as everyone in Hawaii knew yesterday, we had some rain and high winds which resulted into electricity outages all over the island of Oahu.  Ewa, where I live, was affected badly because there were fifteen downed electrical poles-which cause major traffic in the morning and closed down about ten schools in the area.

We had power in my neighborhood until 10am and when it was shut off.  It was a long day without power and it was drizzling all day too.  I read a book on Josh’s Kindle, cleaned the house (sweeping and folding/putting away laundry) and took a nap.  After the nap I was still bored so the dogs and I amused ourselves.

Here are pics of the dogs taken by the iphone app called Instagram!  So much fun!  But since our router was down, none of my pics would process so oh well, I got to share them today.  Nani-Girl enjoyed the day because I cuddled her a lot.

But Josh called me from work and he told me HECO (the electric company here in Hawaii) had decided to go on strike as of 3:30pm.  Just great, I thought.  But thank goodness when he came home we went out to eat at Tony Roma’s.  When we drove back to Ewa it was eerie.  There were lights in the neighboring towns then a big black hole that was Ewa Beach!! LOL…

Here was our front porch last night-Josh with his flashlight.

Our neighbors had generators on, which were loud.  Families were eating in their garages, like they were camping.  It was horrible.  I couldn’t believe the workers would go on strike after we had downed poles.  But we made the best of it.  Josh tried consoling me (I’m so PMS-ing, ok?  I was so irritated! lol)

We lit candles.

And we used his laptop to watch a dvd, How to Train Your Dragon, was so cute-BUT the battery died in the middle of the movie.  We resumed watching it today.  After that Josh went to bed and I tried to charge my cell phone battery in the car-but I gave up and went to bed too with the generators buzzing loudly around our house.

I’m just happy we have electricity and the food was okay (I was worried we’d have to throw out all the new groceries I just bought-I would have been so pissed!)
I’m also glad no one got seriously hurt in the dark last night and I thank all the non-union members from HECO who worked hard to get power restored to us by Saturday morning!!  You guys rock.  


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