Secret Millionaire-did you cry?

Last night I watched the show “Secret Millionaire”.  I had seen a segment on Oprah last month about this show and they had the Millionaire Dani Johnson on with the lovely twins from The Love Kitchen.  It was why I wanted to see the show in the first place.  Helen and Ellen are the cutest ladies ever and I love their motto: Everybody is God’s Somebody.

Of course all the places Dani visited and volunteered with made me cry.  Oh the girl with the leukemia, I totally lost it.  Josh was trying to console me and trying not to cry himself I think.  It’s why I love volunteering-it’s the most rewarding thing you could do in your life.  Whenever Josh and I feel restless about life we encourage each other to volunteer.

Being at the Hawaii Literacy orientation over the weekend and hearing one of the men there say that he was a Big Brother for Big Brothers Big Sisters and they were in a need for men volunteers for Big Brothers, I thought-wow there is such a need out there and if everyone could do just a little bit: fundraising, donations, volunteering, then we can do so much to help people that NEED help…and in this ecomony, there is a lot of people needing help.

Just remember the motto from The Love Kitchen (and god bless Helen and Ellen, they’ve been set back with illness and I pray for their recovery and health-they are angels.  True angels):

Everybody is God’s Somebody.

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