Depressed Dog: Nani-Girl

Nani-Girl didn’t do well this week.  She hasn’t eaten her kibble in the past three days.

I’ve put pieces of chicken in her food-which in the past would make her devour contents of the food bowl, but the past couple days she didn’t.

She’s been tentative, sniffing madly for where she smells the chicken, but when it’s near her mouth, she licks it softly and turns away.  If she is really hungry she’ll pick out the chicken from the kibble making a mess all over the floor.

She did finally eat twice yesterday, all chicken, but it was still not as much as she usually consumes in a day.

Her usual morning treat that she was excited to eat even after she went blind, she ignores now.  No interest in it at all except when Sky eats it.

I’ve tried putting wet dog food in her bowl, she sniffs it and walks away.  I wonder…should I try cooked beef?  Is that what she wants?  I will try today chicken with rice and chicken broth.  I told Josh maybe her teeth were affecting her…but I’m no vet.  I do know that she’s gotten very thin.

We figure maybe her depression is the cause for loss of appetite.  She shivers all day and sleeping in between Josh and I at night makes her stop.  She cuddles me in the day and cuddles him at night.  I’m waiting for the book I ordered to come in-the one about living with blind dogs.  I hope it gives me some insight into what’s going on with her and some techniques to help her love life again.

Once upon a time, Nani-Girl would smile like in the picture. She’d seek the sunshine, I used to say she was my dog that sun-bathed and I need to get her a bikini.

I understand she is an elderly dog and maybe the spunk is just gone from her.

Maybe I’m in denial that she’ll always be youthful.  And true, I have never had an elderly dog, they all died young either hit by a car, or died from some health condition.

This is the longest I’ve ever had a pet of my own, 8 years, so Nani-Girl has been with me almost a decade of my life.  It’s a wonder why people fall in love with their pets.  They are always there on a good day, bad day, when you are up and when you are down.  They love you unconditionally and only want you to be happy.  She had a bad knee most her life and had knee surgery and that never depressed her…but this blindness is debilitating her.

Once upon a time Nani-Girl was there for me and now I have to do everything in my power to be there for her, just to thank her for putting up with me!  If anyone has tips about helping blind dogs, I’m all ears…I’d love to hear any advice.  If she doesn’t eat today, I’ll take her to the vet to see if her appetite is the symptom of something else other than her blindness and take it from there.

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