Nani-Girl: honey and little-big sis Sky

I was very worried yesterday about Nani-but she managed to eat some chicken from my hand during lunch time.  She also had water which is good.

She will be going to the vet tomorrow and we’ll hopefully find out what is going on.

I did try putting honey on her gums last night which she licked up.  I think it helped her a little so she got some this morning too which gave her energy to go outside.

I teared up last night when Josh said if the vet gives us bad news that “she’s lived a good life”.  I know it was his way of preparing me for any news.  

Ah!  I couldn’t hear it, I was so distraught but I know dogs don’t live forever…it’s just that Nani has been with me through the most turbulent times of my life…I wish, I wish, she could be with me forever.

Anyway, I have to be positive!

Today, I let her hang outside in front of the house, off leash.  Sky was on the leash so she wouldn’t scare Nani unexpectedly.  She’s always swishing her tail in front of Nani’s face.

The sun was shining and she stood in one spot a long time before moving to where Sky was sniffing the grass on the other side of the house.  She ventured into the neighbor’s front lawn which is encouraging and she found a spot to pee.  She also sniffed at the flowers and grass.  Nani had some sunshine, which she loves.  She loves heat and being very warm.

I moved Nani further up the cul de sac, but the sound of construction trucks (they are building more houses) stopped Nani in her tracks for a long while.  She stook in place so long that I sat on the curb and waited.  Sky wanted to run but she was limited by her leash.  Nani was frozen in her spot listening to the sounds of a digger(which was far from where we were) and sniffing the wind which had picked up.  I smiled when I saw Sky go over to Nani, and with her nose she nudged Nani’s nose and went to her back legs and nudge her again.  🙂 Hmmm, was that dog language to say MOVE?

Nani started moving and started heading back to the house.  I am encouraged that she does know the way home.  I did have to pick her up because she wandered into the neighbor’s driveway but I put her down near our house and Sky blocked her from straying, which was very helpful.  It was a good morning and after her time outside she came in and sniffed the array of food I have out for her (I want to see what she’ll eat).  She keeps licking everything and will even take a piece of food in her mouth, move it around in her mouth then spit it out.  She does not swallow.  She did drink water so that’s good.  I’ll give her more honey and try with the food again in another hour or so…she usually will eat if I am at the dining table eating my own food.

I did take her out again just a few minutes ago because she was pacing by the front door.  I took her further outside of the cul de sac and she froze again, so I brought her to her other favorite spot and a gust of wind was blowing.  I put Nani down and she seriously fell to her side and wouldn’t get up!  The wind was blowing pretty hard.  So I took her back to the house.

the wind blew her down and she won’t get up!

Sky is interesting.  At times, I’m not sure what she perceives of Nani’s condition.  Lately I’ve found her being more of a big sister to her though.  Yesterday morning, she came near Nani on the bed, getting close enough to let Nani feel her heat.  I’d love it if Nani cuddled Sky more because dogs give off so much body heat, and Nani is always shivering.

Sky looks like a fierce little sister huh?

Nani found Sky on the floor in the middle of the day and sat near her, on her tail and back paw to be exact.  Sky didn’t move…she usually does.  But Sky stayed as Nani shivered (the floor is marble and cold).

Right now Nani is sleeping on a blanket that’s on the couch, she’s not shivering-thank goodness.  I think being outside, even if she doesn’t move is helpful to her.  She can roam without a leash tugging at her neck.  I will be buying her a doggy bag so I can take her to places safely.  I also want to bring her to my mom’s house this Saturday when I go do a massage for my sister.  I want to see if the place she lived at for 7 years will incite some excitement for her.  But we’ll see what the vet says tomorrow about her condition…

I will try anything to make Nani-Girl enjoy the last years of her life.


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