Night of the Tsunami scare, Heart to Japan

I’m sitting here watching the CNN footage coming in from people who taped the Earthquake as it happened.  My heart is so heavy, my fear that it could happen here is undeniable.  I don’t know why but the shaken buildings struck fear in me, obviously, but the footage of the tsunami…sends chills down my spine.

Last night I was giving Josh his one hour massage, working on his calves because he’s been running weekly now and I was about to end it in ten minutes when a tsunami alert came on the t.v.  I let go of his calf muscle and looked at him worried.  Needless to say the relaxing massage was ruined by my anxiety.  Josh got up and said it will be fine but I changed the channel, looking for news.  I grabbed my phone and saw that my sister had text ten minutes ago.  Then I saw the footage on Japan and I freaked out.

The tsunami looked like The Blob!  It looked monstrous.  We moved to Ewa Beach almost a year ago and I knew we were near the evacuation zone and all I could think was that if a tsunami as big as the one in Japan hit us…Josh and I would lose our home.  Oh yeah, I was freaking and Josh was reassuring me.  We looked at the map and sure enough we were barely outside of the evacuation zone.  My friends started texting me and I reassured them that we would be fine.

I even started to pack a duffle, just in case, and at least we could go to Kalihi to my mom’s to hang out if something did happen.  My thoughts were snow-balling.  But Josh was calm, he said we have time.  The people in Japan did not have time to evacuate.  The people who were in the path of that wave had no time to run…:-(  It’s scary.  And the Chile earthquake last year produced only a small tsunami here and I remember that was a crazy day too…so Josh said we were safe and we did have a place to go.

So the sirens started sounding…and it’s always eerie to hear sirens at 10:30pm.  It sounded off every hour or so all night until the designated time it was supposed to hit us here.  But I was tired from massaging Josh and we agreed to go to sleep and wake up at 3am to check the news.

At 3am we watched some footage on the local news and watched the waters around Honolulu recede and fill.  Recede and fill, which is scary, I watched for an hour as Josh went back to sleep.  I went to sleep at 4am and woke up at 6:45am when my mom called me and said to come to Kalihi if we want.  Josh went to work but I made a stop in Kalihi later on since Nani-Girl was to go to the vet.

My mom was relieved to see me.  My dad was excited to see my dogs but they both realized Nani was thin.

Living in Hawaii, I am aware of the dangers of being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and so isolated. I am not ignorant about the devastation that could happen is a 23 ft wave like in Japan came through Hawaii.  I realize how close we come each time there is a tsunami warning (which seems to be every year now….).  Hawaii is surrounded by the Ring of Fire, you have to be aware of that if you live here:

We here in Hawaii have been very, very lucky to avoid mass destruction year after year.  I do not take that for granted.  I am happy to have the sirens to warn us, I am glad to have the personnel to evacuate us.  It is necessary and I will take it seriously each time.  
I don’t need a disaster to happen to me to know that ANYTHING can happen-it’s already happened to me so I know the lesson all to well.  There are some things that you cannot prevent in life, earthquakes and tsunamis being some of them.  I am grateful my loved ones and I are safe.
My heart goes out to the people of Japan.  Growing up in Hawaii, you are immersed in Japanese culture.  You eat the food, you learn the customs, I know some of their holidays, I watched their soaps!  I even took Japanese in high school.  I want to travel there someday!  I have many japanese friends and some family and they have always been such great people to me.  I pray for the country and the people.  I pray they receive the help they need. šŸ˜¦
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