A love affair: Man and man’s best friend

I am convinced Sky is in love with Josh more than she is in love with me.  🙂 It’s silly I know, but they have a close bond.  She loves to cuddle him more than she cuddles me, wakes him in the middle of the early morning by staring at him and nudging him.  And now that they go running every other day, she likes to hang out in his office when he is not home with us during the day.  She stares at him adoringly.  And I think it’s so sweet…

He tells her everyday how pretty she is and loves it!

She loves to stare at him…

And he loves her…

She always wants to touch or lick his hand…

She enjoys eskimo kisses…

Whenever she naps with him, she needs to be touching some part of him.

Sky is content.

Nani-Girl is at the vet and will come home today, I’m leaving in an hour to pick her up.  Last night Sky paced the rooms looking for her.  When I asked her “Where’s Nani-Girl?”  She checked Nani’s kennel, went to the dog bed on the floor that Nani sleeps on and sniffed the blanket on the couch where Nani sleeps as well…Sky knew something was wrong and was discontent and pacing all night.  
I really believe dogs feel energy and Josh and I were worried and sad about Nani-Girl last night.  She knew we weren’t happy.  So she hid in the bathroom and closet, things she does when she is afraid of a loud noise or strange voice in the house.  Strange.
But Josh took her on a run today and we spent time cuddling her and praising her.  I’m excited I get to pick up Nani and I think Sky will be happy too that her big sis will be home tonight!  🙂 Yay!


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