Kalihi Accident-So Typical!

I was in Kalihi this afternoon to massage my sister for one hour.  Josh kept my nephews busy and Nani-Girl who I picked up before going to Kalihi was showered with love and affection before falling asleep in her favorite duffle bag!

I was forty-five minutes into the massage when we heard a big boom and shaking.  I thought, oh my god, someone hit the light post outside of our house.  But my mom was shouting “oh my god, what was that? oh my god”.  Josh and the boys were running into the living room and I left my sister on the massage table and went to the window.

This is what I saw:

The white SUV to the left, rammed into the telephone pole!

It was a stand-still as usual in Kalihi when these things happen.

It was reminiscent of my days living in this house, but Josh said call 911 and I was already on it.  I called but lines were busy.  He called five minutes later and said it was ringing, but I realized a cop was already down there and everyone was yelling at the driver.   This young girl walked out of the car dazed and confused.  She started walking towards the things on the ground and the cop was saying “Move away from the electrical lines!  Hey!  Get away from the area!!!”
Then a bunch of people from the bus (because they had stopped of course) and people on the street started shouting all at one time to get her attention.  Finally the young woman walked away from the site, thank god!   We didn’t need to see her get electrocuted in plain view.  The horror!  God forbid.  

The driver was fine but all of us were in disbelief because the pole came down AND it knocked out the electricity in the whole neighborhood.  My sister said they had their supplies from the tsunami scare so it was okay.  I shook my head at the situation because just a few nights ago I was massaging Josh and was interrupted by the tsunami news so that massage ended tense.  Now here I was massaging my sister and this disaster happens, clearly this massage did not end in relaxation, AGAIN!
I grew up in this very area since I was 15 years old.  I am used to being without water because of water main breaks.  I am also used to people driving into telephone poles and knocking out electricity-I don’t know why, but it happens all the time in this area of Kalihi.
People get hit by cars, the telephone pole once caught on fire, people get beat up, there are riots on the road, when we used to have our own  trash cans back in the day it would end up strewn across the street.  I’m used to ambulances, police and fire fighters.  There is always something happening here.  And it’s hardly ever a good thing.
Yup, the neighborhood is watching the drama unfold.

It’s kind of bad but my sister and I went back into the room and continued the massage.  We grew up here, this was normal, the electricity was out and soon my sister had to feed the boys because the sun was setting.  After my sister, I massaged my mom because her birthday is next week, it was my gift to her.  But the massage had to be short because we lost the natural light when the sun set.
Josh and the boys started eating dinner and my sister went in search of finding lights and candles.  Nani-Girl was unfazed by the coming darkness because of her blindness and she slept through all the drama going on outside.   By the time the massages were done, we had to pack my table and sheets by LED light (thanks nephews for shining the light on us haha and thanks Josh for carrying the table down to the truck in the dark!)
The scene by the time we left the house

Before we left the house, the boys got to pet the dog a bit and Nani-Girl even walked around the kitchen table sniffing for food.  I was able to feed her a few pieces of chicken-exciting!  Isaiah wanted so badly to feed her but I had to tell him she couldn’t see and needed some help.

Here is Jacob, dinner by LED lights! LOL…
The accident was unfortunate but I am glad the girl was alright.  I’m not sure what made her swerve so bad that she took out a whole telephone pole but it’s sad that it caused a black out in Kalihi.  It sucks that this area gets a black out almost every other month.  But with these hardships it shows that this is one community that doesn’t sit around crying and complaining.  
If something happens here,  you call pick up a phone and call 911.  If you are without water, you walk where the Board of Water supply puts a portable water truck, fill up a bucket and carry it back home.  If you are without electricity, you bring out the candles, eat what you can, make sure you have bottled water and play sword fight by candle light!  
Or you can be like Josh who led Isaiah down the dark hallway in the house to “fight the monster” in the dark!!  I thought Isaiah would be scared but he loved it-later on Isaiah told me “Aunty, I did it!  I fought the monster!” (thanks Josh for teaching him there are no monsters in the dark and he shouldn’t be afraid-love you for that!)
That was our crazy evening in Kalihi.  We were only there for 2 1/2 hours and this is what happens on my visit home.  I can only be glad that my family is okay, they’ve lived there so long that they got it down-they know what’s up in the ‘hood.  🙂  Glad the cops were there even though as we left and stared out the window my sister and mom said casually:
“I bet they haven’t started anything yet,”  sis says as we observed the scene outside the window.  There were two cops blocking traffic and no one around the telephone pole.  One HECO tech was across the street, talking to someone else.  Nothing had been moved, nothing picked up, nothing cleaned up (I know it’s because they need to investigate the scene)…it was going to be a long night without electricity.
“Yeah, they’ll talk for a bit and who knows when they’ll get power back on.  It’s what they always do.”
“They take so long to do anything!” My mom chimes in as she sets some dinner on the table, cold but edible.
On that note, Josh and I gathered Nani in her duffle bag, said bye to everyone, got in the truck and took her home.  Behind us the flashing blue lights of cop cars reflected in our truck’s side mirror.
It was just another night in Kalihi.  Home sweet home.


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