Update on Nani-Girl: Back home from the vet

Yesterday Josh and I went to the vet to pick up Nani-Girl and talk to the doc about what’s going on with her.

Dr. Koreyasu, of The Kakaako Pet Hospital, told us that her blood work was all fine.  Nani-Girl has SARDS, a condition which has no cure because not many studies have been done on it.  A dog with SARDS will exhibit symptoms such as increased appetite and increased thirst.  Then one day, out of the blue, they go blind.  She was diagnosed with this about four weeks ago.

I did notice in November that Nani-Girl was eating like she was starving but I thought she was just hungry.  Also, I was refilling the water bowl more often, wondering why my dogs were so thirsty lately.  Never gave a thought to SARDS because I wasn’t aware about a condition like this for dogs!

Dr. K talked about another SARDS dog she is working with.  The owner of this dog had spent lots of time researching information about SARDS and found a Vet, Dr. Alfred Plechner who recommends using steroid therapy, it’s a bit more complicated that I’m explaining, but I’m not a vet, so check out the website if you are interested (click the link on his hame).

We talked with Dr. K about the steroid treatment with Dr. Plechner and it involves freezing some of Nani’s blood, which we did, and it would be sent to a lab in California that specializes in testing the blood for certain things.  From there, Dr. Plechner will advise us if Nani-Girl is a good candidate for steroid therapy.  In his previous studies, steroid treatment gave back dogs limited eye sight, which is better than completely blind I think.  But we’ll see if she can do it….we’ll try anything!

Since we were there and talked about Nani and her eating style lately we decided to do x-rays and I love Dr. K’s office because she does the x-rays in ten minutes and invited us back to take a look at all of them which is awesome.  Nani was in the back area of the vet office (where their lab is at) and I believe she smelled Josh as he went to her cage.  See, Nani doesn’t look blind, She has big brown eyes and gazes in your direction, so it’s hard to believe she’s blind.  She heard us and started panting.  Her x-rays were fine, she had no nail or screw in her tummy, and she said her colon has poop (she hadn’t pooped in like 4 days!).

So we took her to my sister’s house with us because I had to massage her and my mom.  We kept Nani in a duffle bag (we need to get her a proper dog bag).  The kids at the house were overjoyed seeing Nani-they love Nani because she’s smaller than Sky and lots more gentle.  I had to warn them that she couldn’t see so they have to talk to her before touching her.  While I massaged my sister, Nani stayed sleeping in her duffle bag.

Before leaving their house I brought Nani to the dining area to pack up my things and she walked out of her duffle bag and started sniffing the floor.  I was afraid she’d have an accident so I kept a close eye on her.  There was food on the table and I wondered if she was hungry.  I believe there was too many distractions there for Nani, the boys wanted to feed here but I tried feeding her and she took the chicken in and spit it out.  Then five minutes later she ate the chicken until I had no more.  We were all so excited and I think it distracted her from eating so Josh and I took her home.

We brought her home and Sky was ecstatic!

Nani Girl home at last!

Sky sniffing Nani girl-I’m sure she smelled like the vet office.
Sky sniffed her legs, butt, eats, mouth and nose.  Yes, Sky, it’s Nani-Girl.

Poor Nani-the big oaf keeps following her. LOL

Keeping an eye on her best friend

Walking into the house.

Time to eat?
I tried hand-feeding her fried chicken and she spit it out.  So I heat up some of the chicken, rice and chicken broth mix I made three days ago just for her.  She clawed at the kitchen cabinet while I mixed it meaning she was oh so hungry!  Yes!  I put it in her food bowl, made sure Sky stayed away from her and watched as she roamed the food and water bowl area.  She paced it as Josh and I watched her, praying she’d eat.
She ate alright!  She ate the whole bowl and then looked like she would barf-she ate too fast.  But she kept it down and went to her bed and I laughed when she rubbed her face all over her doggy bed-she used to do that all the time and since going blind I haven’t seen her do that! 🙂
Because she’s blind she still shakes (not sure if it’s because she’s cold or she’s scared) but this morning she got up, went to pee and I chanced it and took her outside of the house.  She started walking, quickly, and I was like, oh no, I need her leash, so we got her leash, she walked all the way out of the culdesac, found some grass and pooped!  She even met a dog named Kaya on the walk who wanted to play with Nani-Nani sniffed then barked cause she was scared.  Kaya went flat to the ground.  Hehe…Nani and I went back home, I made her a chicken breakfast and she ate half the bowl.  Good enough for me!
I’ll keep monitoring Nani and see what happens so stay tuned, but it’s a good day so far! Time to eat breakfast with Josh, have a great Sunday everyone!


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