Red Ginger Garden

Gardening is very new to me and Josh doesn’t garden…at all.  So most of the garden duties are left to me.  He cuts the grass, I sweep it up.  After a winter of rain in Ewa Beach (where the complaint before was that it was so dry and never rained), the Red Ginger plants we thought would die in August, as of last week was a forest!  I could barely walk through the side of the house it was that overgrown.

I grew up helping my grandparents pull out weeds from the grass.  My dad and mom grew up farming in the Philippines.  My mom worked the farm fields since she was 7 years old.  I grew up with a dad who would keep me by his side (while my mom worked) as he worked in our little garden.  I would freak out at earth worms wiggling around but he explained to me they meant no harm.  I still thought they were ugly.  He planted corn, we had banana trees, bitter melon vines, green onions, tomatoes, whatever my dad felt like eating he planted!

I remember him showing me caterpillars (I didn’t like them too-I thought they were freaky things, but I also marveled at the way they ate leaves…Hungry Hungry Caterpillar comes to mind).  I spent my childhood “outdoors”.

Now that I own a home, I find myself outdoors as well.  I ask my mom many questions about planting trees and flowers.  When I told her my red ginger was out of control she said “why haven’t you cut it?  You mean to tell me you don’t go outside to look at it?”

Uh…good point mom.  Even now, I wait until my mom asks me why I’m waiting, to cut it.  Good question!  I had been weeding it monthly, but it’s not easy trying to get between all the plants to find the roots of these weeds.  You crouch down low, you get so hot and sweaty and I always get a tan-it makes me think about the long days my mom farmed from 5am to 5pm in 96 degree weather in the Philippines. I only garden for 30 minutes, what the heck am I complaining about?!

Now that my eldest dog Nani-Girl is blind, it’s nice when she gets to stand outside and lay in the  sunshine because she loves heat.  So while the dogs lay in the sun, I garden.

Last week I started chopping my red ginger and realized how beautiful the blooms were and I decided to keep some blooms to put in my vase for my dining table.  When Josh saw it on our table he asked me where I got it and I told him it was from our garden!  Free flowers for my house, lovely!

A gift from my garden-Thank you Mother Nature 🙂

The blooms are gorgeous and some of them have the white ginger flowers in them.  I’m glad I didn’t kill it on my own-I don’t have much confidence in my gardening skills since I’ve never done it before but so far so good and all the plants need is a trim, and some watering every other day 🙂  It’s great!
I do have plans to add a variety of flowers and plants around the house but I’ve realized it’s hard work.  I do like being outside, the sweating is just part of it-other parts of my body are getting a work out but today the trade winds cooled me off when I got to hot.  It was a good morning for me and the dogs!


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