Back Roads and the Weekend

This past weekend was long, exhausting and emotional.  Was it only this past weekend we had the tsunami scare and I thought Nani-Girl was about to die?  Well, Nani-Girl is home.  She was home since Saturday and she managed to eat and drink water until today.  Today, she’s being stubborn but she did drink water and she does seem more energetic, meaning she’s not sleeping all day.  I try to keep her moving at least half the day, then I’ll let her knock out.  If I don’t keep her interested in the day, then she’ll look like this:

Nani-Girl after her vet stay.  Tired but eating.

And since Nani-Girl gets a whole lot of my attention during the day, lately Sky’s been grumbling.  And I don’t exaggerate when I say she grumbles.  She makes noises like a human saying “humph!” and she plops down on the floor like a diva and looks at you like you’re evil.  She is sassy.
So, I did devote some time to her yesterday while I was home to groom her.  She loves it because I massage her and scratch her and tell her she’s pretty.  Grooming Sky made me realize she has a few red spots on her skin and it looks like she’s been scratching and chewing it.  I’m wondering maybe if she’s either got “hot spots” or some mosquito is feasting on her.  It’s no wonder she’s been shedding a lot!  I brushed her hair and look what it produced:
Sky hair!  From our brushing session.

I was so annoyed with all her hair I took my Dyson and vacuumed the 2nd floor of the house like a madwoman yesterday!  Thank you Dyson!!  Tonight I saw her scratching a lot again so I gave her another grooming session, this time I cleaned her ears then put an ointment in them because it looks like she’s been itching there too.  I made her lay down as I searched the underside of her belly and found a few spots on the skin that had broken and put the ointment there too…she’s getting a bath tomorrow, so hopefully it will calm her skin down.
Over the tension filled weekend-Josh and I decided to have some breakfast at Denny’s in Kapolei on Sunday and enjoy the beautiful Sunday.  We were so sad and still are actually, about Japan and the situation there.  Instead, on Sunday we tried focusing on how blessed we were to escape a disaster here in Hawaii and that we had Nani-Girl back home safe and sound.  
After breakfast we went to Petco at Kapolei Commons to get Sky a harness so that she would run better when Josh took her running.  (I’m wondering if one of the red areas on her body was from the harness-not sure).  Anyway, we walked around Petco and found some cats up for adoption.  One was totally blind-but so friendly and playful, so different than that of our Nani-Girl.  I know Josh wants a cat because he grew up with them, we’ll see…later…
We also checked out the turtles which were so cute:
hey turtles!

Our morning was fun and animals have a way of putting a smile on your face, unless they are like Nani-Girl who make you frown and worry…haha…but animals are awesome, everyone should get one (if you promise to be a good owner..hehe).
So we drove back on Kapolei Parkway, one of my favorite drives because there are hardly any cars on the road, ever.  The land is still being developed and maybe one day it will be busier, but I like it deserted for now.
On Kapolei Parkway

I think it’s amusing to see the streets that don’t go anywhere yet, there are a lot in Kapolei because it’s the “Second City”…you know the buildings are coming, one by one-but the streets are already there.  On North-South Road, they have stop lights at an “intersection-to-be”, and the lights work…it just has no traffic to direct.  Talk about a waste of electricity! 🙂

Road to a future home?  Job? Park?  Who knows…
Overall the weekend went fairly well despite the emotional overload.  I’m happy not to be running around too much this week.  I need to be home to get Nani-Girl back into shape and it’s nice not to spend money on gas (have you seen the prices?  ridiculous…) and I need to work on my wedding invitations, times-a-ticking…

I’m just glad to have a home and have my life.


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