How do you de-stress?

Over the years I’ve found many different coping mechanism to de-stress.  These days I like to write (stories, journals, blogging) and read.

When I was younger I used to draw anything and everything.  I didn’t think I had a lick of talent but I liked trying to draw even if I sucked.  Then I started to make things.  No I’m not a beader, knitter or sewer.  I tried the beading, not my cup of tea…and sewing?  I would need lots of practice to make anything nice.  🙂

The longer I worked in an office setting, the more I would crave a creative outlet. I made snowmen out of shredded paper and plastics bags for goodness sake!  It was for the Christmas Party my unit was planning.  I had my staff decorate one of them (can you tell which?…they definitely went to town on it!), it was cool because both girls were new to the floor and they definitely bonded over the project.  I’m sure my staff thought I was a bit strange, but working at a desk 40 hours a week will do that to you.

After Bobby died, I did lots of arts and crafts because it helped me focus on a moment that didn’t involve me dissolving into tears.  Work busied my mind with work related things but when I came home and I turned on the t.v. and the memories would flood me, I took out my arts and crafts supplies and made something.  It is therapeutic to create something from pieces of scrap or pieces you never thought would work together.  
One thing I did make in abundance and gave them away as gifts was “money trees”…I like to call them “wishing trees” instead, but the craft book I found it in called them miniature money trees.  Well, whichever!  They took my time and my concentration but I absolutely loved making them!
Winter inspired

Fall inspired

For our Aloha United Way Basket Competition at HPU to raise money for the organization and I had my staff make their own trees.  I loved seeing the color combinations they put together, plus, they enjoyed it and it was another bonding experience for us!  
My new way to de-stress is working out on the elliptical, walking the dogs and BLOGGING!  Blogging is my creative outlet for now until I find another craft I want to indulge my time in.  Any ideas?  
And I’ve tried scrapbooking (made a very special one for my niece Bayebette) and that was my last time making one!  I had fun making it but I don’t think paper crafts are my thing?  They are for my friend Judith-she is in love with paper: the textures, colors, etc…
I have another friend who makes jewerly, writes poetry and lately has been making nail art on her own fingernails.  And they look fabulous!  Josh relieves stress by playing World of Warcraft, of course.  Another friend of mine is obsessed with watching K-Dramas.
So how do you de-stress?  I’d like to know because I may just try it, you never know!

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