Saturday Morning Fun and Other Stuff

This morning, bummed about Nani and knowing she’s getting thinner again and not eating, AGAIN, told Josh to bring his ipad outside.

Nani walking all over Sky…lol

 I turned off the t.v. after we ate breakfast and said Nani needed to be outside and that we should all go.  It was perfect because there was no one in the cul-de-sac so we let the dogs off leash.  Well, nothing much happened with Miss Nani-Girl..but we had fun anyway.  It was a bit cloudy out!

Dogs always sniff fire hydrants!  It’s the pee spot for male dogs.

Sky’s ecstatic to be OFF LEASH!

Nani?  Will you move for me honey?  Just take a step.

She ain’t movin’.

Letting the wind blow her away.

lol…too windy!

What’s Josh doing?
Reading the news?

The Tides, Laulani, Ewa Beach-Hawaii

Cloudy day in Ewa

Here’s our street!

Here’s Sky running back to me.
Here’s a clip of Sky running in the cul-de-sac!  She loves to run after Josh.
Sky’s busy running and Nani…hasn’t moved much, still in the same area.
She’s not very happy 😦

I love this photo of her.  Hiding…she used to stand out, her personality so strong, but now she’s hiding.  Breaks my heart.

My Nani-Girl.

Well, she didn’t move much, but we had a good time outside of the house.  If the sun was out she’d have a better time and more energy.  
Sky on the other hand, had lots of fun!

In the afternoon the sun came out and we left Nani-Girl in our yard, she sat there basking in the sunshine for awhile, then she lay there before coming back to the house.  🙂  
I’ll be bringing Nani-Girl back to the vet on Wednesday because she hasn’t been eating once more-I can tell with her energy level how she’s doing and she starting not to do good again.  (sigh)  They also have to take more blood samples and I’ll ask the vet about other foods I can try with her.  Today, I mashed up some cottage cheese so that it was like paste and took a small spoon and got some of it in her mouth.  I also got her to swallow very small pieces of chicken…but that’s not enough.  She sipped some broth and she got very little water…soon, I’ll have to force the water in her mouth too–I don’t want to do it but I really have to.  
In the past I worked with the elderly population and I really feel like I’m taking care of an elderly person.  But here’s hoping I can find out ways to help her cope with her blindness.  Love and hope is all I have right now…I know it’s not enough, but I’ll keep trying…:-)  She’s worth it.
Nani’s leash…lol…she’s got my heart on a leash…awww..haha


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