Sunday Positive: A Massage and Some Fortunes

I am sitting here watching Nani-Girl walk in a circle.  She is wobbly on her legs as if she can’t quite handle her own weight.  It’s sad but I’m trying to stay positive.

Last night I bought a plastic dropper and some chicken baby food (with no onion powder in it), I’ve been force feeding Nani since last night.  I’m waiting to see if it’ll stay down and so far, so good.  I have also started to use the drop to give her water.  Poor girl.

Right now she’s in my lap getting massages when I pause between completing sentences for this blog post. She’s pretty much knocked out.  I always said I wanted a lap dog and I got one now.

Since I’ve been bummed and stressed out about Nani’s condition I booked myself a massage today at Bellaviva in Pearl City.  It was awesome.  A lot of times I get massages and ask for my neck to be worked on, and many therapist shy away from working the muscles on the throat area.  It’s a sensitive area but my therapist Katie knew her stuff and it relieved the pressure I was feeling in my neck and jaw.  She rocks and I’ll be going back for sure!  Next time I’m getting 30 minutes all on my shoulders and neck.

To pick my spirits up before I headed back home to feed Nani-Girl and try to get her to love life again, I stepped into Wal-Mart to buy a rake and broom because Josh was at home cutting the grass.  I ventured out to the lawn and garden area and was excited to walk among the flowers! 🙂  I love color and I thought I should add to my home garden (soon I’ll have to build an area for my flowers!-exciting)…so this is what I brought home:

French Marigolds-Beautiful-oui?

These colors make me think of the sun!

My other flowers are about to blossom also:

So I have Marigolds, Red Ginger, a mystery flower (I forgot what I, and a small Aloe Vera plant a friend gave me.

Landa’s growing garden!

Next up I’m getting pink and red flowers…I need to create a place for my flowers so I can see them from the dining room or living room.  Project!  Fun, fun!
I also brought home lunch from Panda Express and Josh opened his fortune after eating and it said:
Josh’s Panda Express Fortune…yes, great “advice”!

And my fortune made me laugh since Josh and I were talking about this yesterday and it’s been on my mind these past few months!  So true, so true…
Is this the answer to my question: should I go back to an office job? lol…maybe, maybe not.

I’m trying to stay positive because Josh hates to see me sad and stressed out.  I don’t blame him, I’m not fun when I’m worried.  I think I have accepted whatever will be, will be with Nani-Girl’s situation.  


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