Nani-Girl Update: needles and fluids

So it’s come to this…

Nani-Girl is 10 pounds, which means she lost 1 pound in one week.

My vet has been in the business for the past 20 years and she’s only come across very, very few SARDS cases.  It doesn’t help that there isn’t much information out there about the condition and how to treat it.

We got more bloods from her to send to Dr. Plechner, the last batch was wasted because the lab that is used to do testing, up and moved to a different location with no forwarding address.  We found the new address online so we are trying again.

My vet will consult with Dr. Plechner about Nani’s SARDS case and see if it’s too late to do anything at all.

As my vet put it correctly, Nani-Girl is melting away.  This is no surprise to me as I watch her deteriorate every single day.

We talked about when she came home with me after the last vet stay.  I said she was better with fluids in her, she had eaten three days in a row on her own  and I thought all was well until she stopped eating and drinking once more.

She said she’ll see us in one week, hopefully with results of the blood test and said she’ll send me home with fluids.  The vet techs would teach me the gist of giving her an IV…hmmm…okay.

It’s amazing what things you learn in life.

Once upon a time in my career history I trained to do phlebotomy.  I took blood from about four people and I was pretty good at it I think, but the more I considered the job, the more I felt it wasn’t what I want to do-have you seen the way people look at you when you take their blood?  It’s like they hate you.  I don’t want to go to work with people approaching me like that! Haha…so I quit before I actually worked on any customers.  Who knew that my few days of training would help me with this?

I also was hired once to be a veterinary tech and I turned the job down because the pay was so small…it’s kind of funny how life works.

But because I have used a needle to prick people, doing this for Nani doesn’t scare me off too much.  The needle is big and I watched as they demonstrated on her, giving her 150ccs of fluid-it hurt her and I hate the thought of me hurting her.  Yet, it needs to be done!

Josh will need to help me so it’ll be interesting.

She’s been hungry after the vet visit and she ate half a bottle of turkey baby food and I just gave her about a tablespoon of “healthy” wet dog food (I added water to it to make it more liquid).

I know she’s dying.  If it’s time for her to go, then it’s time, but I want to keep her fed until that happens   🙂  It’s all I can do for now.  I’ll be giving her the fluids tomorrow night, so we’ll see how it goes.

Right now she’s more alert because she has fluids in her, she’s sniffing the floor for food even though she just had some so that’s a good sign!  I’ll take any good sign I can get.  This is surely, to be continued…so stay tuned and pray I do well with giving her IV’s for the week!


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