The Perfect Beach Day at Ko’olina: Part 1

Driving on North-South Road, rain rain, go away!

Yesterday I met Claire at Ko’olina for a day of fun in the sun.  I needed it after a week of caring for Nani-Girl who has been deteriorating before our very eyes.  It’s been a stressful time.  So I needed some time in the cool pacific ocean waters to clear my bad energy!

Entering Ko’olina Resort
To the right, is Paradise Cove, luau anyone?
Right after Paradise Cove, is Lanikuhonua, where I will be married 🙂

We decided to met at Lagoon 4 and decided from there where we wanted to lay out.  There are four lagoons at Ko’olina but Lagoon 4 has the most parking.
Beautiful day at Lagoon 4!

It was very windy out, but nice!

Doesn’t it make you want to jump right in?

It’s always so green at Ko’olina.

We ended up walking to Lagoon 2, my favorite and actually, Claire’s favorite as well.  It sits in between the two large resort hotels and in front of the Beach Villas.  There is less people and I like the make-shift wooden umbrellas in the sand.

Lagoon 2
Claire and I got into the water and stayed in for a good hour.  We talked a lot and laughed.   We felt like little kids and let the ocean soothe away our stress.  It wasn’t too hot out that it hurt, and the wind was strong so it brought by nice breezes, though not enough to chill.
I tan very quick, so I got out after an hour and went to dry off on my towel.

…continued in Part 2!


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