The Perfect Day at Ko’olina: Part 3, The Sunset

Our goal was to stay at Ko’olina until the sun set, but we had been there since 2:30pm and we were starving! Haha…so we said, sunset?  Or food?  We packed up and went in search of food!  🙂

But check out these awesome setting sun pics-my soul was full with the feast of the glorious sights of the day!

Makes me happy to be ALIVE!!  Ahhh, I love this island.
Check out that sun and the clouds…magically no?


On the Rocks.



Thank you Josh for my last birthday present, my canon digital camera 🙂  I am so enjoying it!

I don’t want to leave…

Last pics of the setting sun as Claire goes to her car to change into dry, warm clothes.

Oh how I love thee…

My soul is at ease just watching these waves roll in over the rocks.  I could sit here forever.

I’m reluctant to leave and this tree is in the way of the view of the sun, but it’s gorgeous as well!

Claire and I went to Genki Sushi in Kapolei to eat but it was overall a glorious day in the sun and ocean.  It was perfect.  Absoultely, PERFECT.


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