Hawaii Eats: Himalayan Kitchen

To get away from the somber mood at home, I met a friend of mine (I used to be her supervisor at HPU and she was a student there), Jalina in Kaimuki.  Kaimuki is a great town abundant with a variety of dining options that I envy!  I really wish there was an area in Ewa or Kapolei that featured an eclectic dining destination like that of 11th Avenue in Kaimuki.

I admit, I need to spend more time there sampling the different cuisine and restaurants but it’s so far from me that I go there only for special occasions like today.  I had not seen Jalina for a few months now so it was definitely time to get together.

My friend Jalina is from Nepal, so it was nice of her to recommend a restaurant called Himalayan Kitchen. The restaurant features Himalayan and Indian cuisine and I was excited to try some of their dishes.


We ordered Naan, which is bread baked in a tandoori clay oven.  It reminds me of pita bread.  I ordered the Himalayan Naan which was stuffed with spinach and chicken tikka.  Delicious.  My friend ordered garlic naan, which was also very yummy.

Along with it I tried the Chicken Tikka Masala and she ordered another curry dish (which I need to get the name of because it was oh so good).  I dipped the different naan breads we were sharing into both curries and it was very filling and satisfying.

After being stuffed with the naan, Jalina insisted I get dessert.  She made me taste the Mango Lassi beverage she ordered, which is made from mango and yogurt.  It was perfect.

Then we had dessert which included Mango Kalfi and another dessert who’s name I cannot for the life of me remember.  I tried looking it up on their website but can’t find it.  I’ll ask Jalina for it.


If you are in Kaimuki and want some Himalayan and Indian cuisine or are curious because you have never had it before, please stop in at the Himalayan Kitchen and try it out.  The food was different but delicious and I can’t wait to go back to try the different things on the menu.  đź™‚
And thank you very much to my friend Jalina who introduced to foods from her homeland.


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