Hawaii Fun: Passport to Luxury at Ala Moana Shopping Center

What is Passport to Luxury?

As the welcome in the passport book states: “stylish evening of luxury boutique shopping, filled with elegant products, special services, delicious bites, premium libations and the Passport shopping experience.  And best of all, this annual fashion event supports three important Hawaii organizations-Junior League of Honolulu, the Women’s Fund of Hawaii and the Children’s Alliance of Hawaii…” – Meredith Low, Publisher of Modern Luxury Hawaii.

My sister had extra tickets so my fiance Josh, my friend Claire and I joined them on this fabulous romp through Ala Moana Shopping Center.

First stop for us was Tiffany’s & Co. who was having a silent auction on a bracelet and they had Chef Mavro in person whipping up some delights.  The champagne was lovely, the petit fours that looked like a Tiffany box, to die for.  The little ball of grape, covered in goat cheese and rolled around in pistachio nuts?  YUM.  My sister and her friend bid on the bracelet and then we headed onto Chanel.

Oh my, more champagne and then I got smeared with Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche, which smells really good (and I hate perfume), it was a body moisturizer though and as I sipped my champagne the sales associate smeared glitter on me.  Nice.  But I was getting tipsy so I really enjoyed it!

Now, if I wasn’t holding my passport and champagne and at times, food, I would have been snapping away taking more pictures, but alas, I only have two hands.

So we headed over to Juicy Couture and they had samples of Apartment3‘s version of Mac and Cheese.  It was substance and it was good especially because once more they were offering cocktails and I had to try it.  It was soo tasty, I just wish I could remember what it was.  Tasted like ginger…

I’m positive the trick is to get me drunk and start bidding on items like crazy.  I let Josh do the bidding since they had some great items like hotel stays and restaurant gift certificates!  My sister bid on the purses 🙂 Might as well!

Josh, Claire and I snuck away next door to Ben Bridge Timeworks where they had Beachhouse at the Manoa serving a veal on risotto dish.  YUM.  I also tried the cocktail being served, a ginger spiced apple drink-with a definite kick.  Um, okay, four drinks in 30 minutes?  Haven’t done that since the clubbing days, and people, I don’t club anymore!  🙂  I was feeling quite good.

Since we wanted the places with food, we skipped Gucci because all they had was more champagne, sorry guys!  We ended up at Neiman Marcus for the third time that day (we used them for our bathroom breaks).

Mariposa was serving a lettuce wrap with pink dressing, which was pretty good.  Josh doesn’t go for vegetables of course.  But he definitely went for the smoked salmon pizetta with Maui goat cheese and Hamakua tomato-red onion jam.  I believe he went back three times!  They also had a fabulous wine bar that I declined because I already had the four drinks.  

They had some really cute male models holding trays of a shoe and bag and for some reason they kept coming straight at me, as if saying, TAKE this from me, buy this NOW.  I was tipsy enough but I didn’t!  Haha.  This guy in the pic was such a cutie.  By the end of the evening when I saw him again he talked to me (sigh) 🙂 Don’t worry, Josh knew I was fawning over him and don’t all of you worry too much over THAT, trust me…I am soooo not his type, if you know what I mean.  So cute.  I should have asked him for a picture with me.  Eeek!

We also got a card for Mariposa-we get a complimentary dessert with any dinner entree, yay!  I also got a Ho’ala Salon and Spa $10 off certificate that expires on May 31st…that’s soon!!  I’m not even sure where we got those or at which store. 🙂 But I so need a haircut AND massage.

Then, the adventure continued as we left Neiman’s to go to Dior!

Now Josh was obsessed with this dish from Pineapple Room by Alan Wong.  Hands down the Pineapple Room is one of my favorite lunch spots.  I am in love with the Caesar Salad with Kahlua Pig and have you ever tasted their Garlic Chicken with Mac Salad sandwich?  Can we say heart attack?  I’m getting hungry thinking about it!

At Dior, Pineapple Room was featuring a housemade duck prosciutto bruschetta with Li Hing Mui mostarda and fresh ricotta and champagne.  I had one piece and no champagne!  Josh had two pieces and then made me get a third piece for him!  Claire was already blotchy from all the alcohol being served poor thing.  We are such light weights.

We then made our trek to Jimmy Choo where Tango Contemporary Cafe was serving Big Island Kobe pastrami on herbed focaccia.  Salon Cherie was also there, you should check out their crazy Lady Gaga nail art.  I got one finger painted orange and red, too bad they couldn’t do all my nails!

Next we went to Louis Vuitton for some brownies, oh so good and headed straight out…it was a packed house in Louis as always.

By then my feet was hurting and Josh made his way to the silent auction table where he bid for some items.  We shall see if he wins anything and all the proceeds of these auctions go to good causes.

While Josh made his bids, Claire and I went to Burberry and she got a cheesecake and I had the chocolate cake with chilli flakes.  There was a nice kick to the chocolate.  We then hurried over to Salvatore Ferragamo and I had Morimoto Waikiki‘s signature Tuna Pizza and prosecco.

By the time we met up with Josh, my sister had found us again.  We ventured into Bulgari for Padovani’s Grill caponata with mozzarella and chocolates.  Then we went to Cole Haan for Le Bistro’s Ahi tartar.  Lots of places had raw fish tonight!  And if I had every glass of wine, champagne and cocktail each store was offering I’d have been toast by then!  My sister needed to head home by then, as her boys were waiting for her.  So we said goodbye to her.

Josh, Claire and I headed to Links London for Big Island cookies and then headed back to Neiman Marcus for our bathroom break.  Josh slipped into Salvatore Ferragamo and Dior for more food then met us outside Neiman’s.  By then we were tired.

We went back to center stage where Claire spotted something akin to popsicles by the Passport Lounge!  Sure enough there was a Cake Pop display created by Sweet As Sugar. This was what the cute boy in Neiman Marcus asked me about-he wanted to know what I was eating!  It’s sugar on the outside and cake on the inside.  Different and yummy!  Another first for me today!

We decided to call it a night and agreed it was lots of fun.  It was my second time to this event and Josh and Claire’s first time.  I think they enjoyed it 🙂  Hopefully I get lucky to go again next year!


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