Update on Nani-Girl: 032711

Okay, quick update on Nani-Girl.  The needle poking is easier now.  I treat her as if she’s not my dog, but just a dog who needs fluids to live.  If I think about how much I love her, I won’t stick her.  I don’t want to hurt her, so I have to separate myself from the moment.  It makes me panic less.

I am quite certain this is her end days…but it’s okay.  Josh and I have talked it over extensively.  We love her so much, and we are keeping her alive so we can have more days with her…but her days are filled with pain.  She’s starting to walk and stumble in small circles, she can barely walk and she doesn’t want to open her mouth to eat, so we force her.  What kind of life is that?

Hard questions.  Hurtful thoughts.  But she has been very much loved by me, Bobby, Josh and everyone who messages me on Facebook to give me support (thank you, everyone, we appreciate it a lot!).  Josh has watched me cry a lot these past few days, it’s been difficult, but we’re getting through it together.  He holds her still and watches me stick her…he tells her he loves her and massages her face until she’s practically sleeping between his legs with a needle in her back.  It’s why I love him more…

Today, my friend Judith came over to the house because we were to attend a wedding event called Social Light but she wanted to see Nani-Girl.  It’s nice to know people love her and think about her as much as I do.  When we came back from the event she got to hold her to give her some love.  Judith even held Nani still so I could try to feed her, not caring that food was falling all over her leg because Nani kept pushing it out of her mouth…:-)

Then Judith helped me wipe Nani’s beard.  Nani hates when I wipe her face, fights me even, but I held her as Judith wiped her beard slowly and she didn’t fight.  Her husband wanted to come and see her too but he wasn’t feeling well.

Nani-Girl goes to the vet on Wednesday and we shall see what course to take.  It’s obvious she’s wilted away, her bones in her backside are so prominent and she hasn’t had a bowel movement in almost two weeks.  We’ll see what happens and wait for her end to come.

Thank you everyone for your support and love 🙂  We really appreciate it!


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