She’s on a roll: Nani-Girl update 033111

Last night was tough for me and Josh.  Not only were we worrying about our Nani-Gril but my sister had called to tell me one of our cousin’s had cancer.  The tears continued once more, it was all too much.  I’m glad Josh was there to hold me, it was such an “I-need-a-hug-day”.  Just as an FYI-my cousin is “cancer free” today because they removed the right side of his thyroid, he goes in tomorrow to remove the left side, and let us pray that the cancer did not spread.  Let’s pray they got it all out.   I’ll write a separate post on this because I think it needs it’s own highlight.

Sky says ENOUGH!

Sky was a bit subdued yesterday.  I think she felt our emotions as they were all over the dang place.  Plus, she misses Nani-Girl when she’s not in the house.  So after a night of sleep and waking up with my nose running, I got a call from the vet saying Nani was ready to go home.  I showered and headed into town.

Mind you that gas right now is $4.15/gallon in Hawaii!  Why is my vet so far away?  I haven’t changed vets when I moved because Dr. K knew Nani’s history and I felt comfortable taking her then.  But the drive is about 45 minutes and the gas usage is a concern, I have to go there almost every week from now on to give her steroid shots.

Nani looked more alert and not listless.  I was so happy!  I put her in the car and decided to take her to my mom’s.  For one I wanted to reassure my mom about my cousin’s condition, that he is okay right now and we need to pray for him.  And Nani-Girl loves Kalihi, it’s where she lived for eight years!  I brought her upstairs and my youngest nephew got to pet her and give her love.  Then Nani started to walk and walk and walk.  She walked over Isaiah’s legos and he was a little irritated about it, but I told him she can’t see.

On the drive home she crawled into my lap which I scolded her for because I could get into an accident! But I think she was starting to feel ill, because she used to do that when she wanted to throw up in the car.  She didn’t, thank god and soon we were home and I let her out.  She peed and walked over to the neighbors house.  Sky was wagging her tail and oh so happy!

I fed Nani some food and gave her a pill, I tried giving her some water and she walked and walked around the house until she fell asleep.  My allergies had kicked up into full gear and I was feeling miserable so after lunch, I took her upstairs and went to sleep.

After our nap was disturbed by a house alarm salesman (thanks Sky for barking like a maniac)…Nani went outside.  I thought she was having such a fun time until I checked and I realize she was walking in the red ginger!  Oh my goodness…Sky was chilin’ on the grass as her big sis got loss.  Thanks Sky for being a babysitter…

I fed her again because she seemed hungry, she licked the spoon-yay, that’s a BIG improvement for sure.  I wish she would drink her water though.  In the last hour she’s been pacing and roaming around the living room and kitchen-I hope she is trying to memorize the lay of the land because she’s on a roll…

I’ll feed her again later in the evening, she needs a lot of food.  This is the most active I’ve seen her since she started going downhill, now if only she started eating on her own, we’d be good to go.

She will get another shot in 10 days, so the updates will continue.  I’m happy she’s here and we didn’t have to put her down yet!  I’m very happy.

Roaming around for a good hour, Josh came home and she knocked out on Caterpillar.  🙂

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