Dog Shoes?

I am not a pet owner that dresses her dogs up.  Sky has too much hair and gets hot quick as is, since she’s a husky. Nani-Girl will wear something, but she looks wrong wearing a fru-fru dog outfit when she looks like a little old man.  It’s true!

Ever since she came home from the vet and has gotten a lot to eat, she’s been restless and I think she has insomnia!  She takes short naps as oppose to the longer naps she took before she had SARDS.  Could it be the medication?  I’ll ask the Dr. K about it.

Anyway, it’s not a problem so much that she’s pacing at night, it IS a problem that I have a wood floor and we hear her nails as she paces the room.  She’ll go to her bed, lay down for ten minutes then get up again to roam around for food.  I refuse to feed her anymore today, she’s eaten five times!

So I thought…why not get her dog shoes?  Can anyone recommend a brand or store?  I’ll be checking out Petco and some other dog stores on the island to see what they carry. look a bit funky no?  I would think having dogs wear shoes would make them too hot…but I think wearing them in the house at night would be okay.  It would allow us to sleep better.

Or…we could crate her.

Now once upon a time Nani-Girl was crate trained, but Bobby liked having her on the bed.  So we kept her on the bed.  Josh is the same, but right it’s dog shoes or crating.

We’ll try some cheap dog shoes and see how she likes them.  Josh suggest leaving her in the other room, but I’m afraid she will scratch the door and drive us nuts that way.

Huskies that mush in the snow actually use dog boots, which I think is great, it keeps their paws from getting injured.  If Sky starts pacing in the bedroom (some nights she does but eventually finds her “spot” to sleep) I’ll put her boots on her too!

Wouldn’t Sky look hot in these? Haha, yeah right!

I just showed Josh these designer booties for dogs and he scoffed. I think they are too cute, but $50.00 is way too much.  I’m sure people will take a look at my dog and think “fufu” for sure!

Imagine Nani-Girl wearing pink strawberry socks?  Nah, it’s so not her!

Wow, I never knew there was a market for dog shoes!  Very, very cute.  I’ll go shopping and see what I can find for her but I doubt we will be sporting any shoes on her out in public.

You know, she does have a very warm cute pink outfit I bought her when she kept trembling (ever since having her shot, she hasn’t trembled yet, not once!) maybe she can match with that? Yeah….noooo….

So our dog who was near death, walking in circles and starving is now amped up, starving and can’t stop walking all over the place! 🙂  It’s been quite a change!


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