Good news is great news!

Nani-Girl kept Josh and I up last night.  How?

1.  She kept pacing the room and you can hear her nails on the wood floor.
2. When I did have her on the bed, she was so eager to be off the bed she fell!  But she fell right on top of Sky (thank God).
3.  I could hear her licking her lips.
4.  I could hear her arranging her blanket on her bed (she digs it to put it in place!)

By 6:30am I couldn’t take it anymore.  I got up, took her outside and she had a very long pee session (fantastic).

I brought her back in and she paced the living room, dining room and kitchen.  So on a whim I opened the fridge and she got very alert!  She walked over and stood almost inside the fridge-I had to shoo her away so I could close the door.

Well, I fed her.  I put a good helping of wet dog food in a bowl, microwaved it, added water and put it on the floor.  She started licking until there was only pieces of peas and carrot left.  I was amazed and realized she was pacing the damn room because she’s hungry!

Two hours later I needed to giver her a thyroid supplement pill and wonder how’d I’d get it down her throat.  Well, I smeared that sucker in wet dog food and put it in her mouth, holding her muzzle shut gently and rubbed her throat.

I know she swallows something when her tongue snakes out of her lips for a lick…but this girl was so stubborn, she wasn’t doing it!  She was refusing to lick and swallow that pill, to the point her legs were tensing under her and she was sliding to the floor, oh she’s so tricksy!

I thought fast, opened the fridge door and grabbed the turkey slices that was the closest to my reach.  I dropped it on the floor and she went nuts.  She didn’t only swallow the pill in her mouth she was about to eat the 5 slices of turkey in the package, I was like…what the heck?  Can she eat harder food other than wet food?  The pieces of turkey I held in front of her mouth was gone in seconds!

She was so hungry that I de-boned the rotisserie chicken in the fridge and filled a bowl.  She ate it all in 1 minute!  Because I felt bad (she is still skin and bones), I gave her another bowl of chicken meat.  Josh and I talked over the phone and he told me to slow it down or else she gets sick.

Ever since this morning once in awhile between going outside with me and taking naps, she paces the the downstairs.  She’s also trying to get into the trash!  So I’ve had to calm her down a bit, I did her feed her a small bit of chicken around noon.  I’ll feed her again when I have to giver her another pill at 8pm.

I am wondering if her “SARDS” symptoms of increased appetite and water intake is back…and if that’s a good thing?  I do rather have her eating than starving though, so I will have to monitor her eating.

But I am very happy:

* she walked up the stairs by herself again (I was in the shower upstairs and was surprised when she poked her head through the curtain!)
* she’s eating
* she’s using her NOSE…very important for a dog
* she walks a lot around the house, still trying to get her okay walking outside in the big wide world, some sounds still scare her
* she doesn’t tremble at all…

I am grateful that we got her blood results to Dr. Plechner in time.  If we didn’t start the steroid treatment she would be dead.  I hope she doesn’t regress in the next ten days, her next steroid shot is on April 9th.  I am hopeful that she is good to go!

I’m also relieved that Dr. Koreyasu suggested his work even though it isn’t quite accepted yet in the vet world.  At least it’s something and being a SARDS pet owner, something is way better than nothing.  I don’t like feeling helpless and with SARDS we don’t know really what we are figthing.  At least Dr. Plechner is doing the research, so thank goodness for people like him.

At this moment she’s left her doggy bed and is roaming around the trash again, I better go give her a treat to hold her until dinner!


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