Aiea Bowl Night

After having a wonderful day knowing my dog was eating and doing better, we went to Aiea Bowl in Aiea to celebrate my friend’s husband’s 30th birthday.

You like this close up of the rainbow?  Cool huh?  Looks fake!

I’m not a big bowler but so far I’ve gone twice this year and I think I love it.  đź™‚ Haha, who would’ve thought!  I had also heard that the food at Aiea Bowl was delicious, so I had to find out for myself.

Josh and I made it to the bowling alley and I spotted Jeph (the birthday boy) in the car, with the engine on. I said “Happy Birthday! Why aren’t you coming inside?”

uh WHOOPS.  Apparently Judith still didn’t tell him it was for his birthday, I knew it was supposed to be a surprise but I thought she was going to tell him when they arrived there! HAHA…sorry Judith.  Sure enough I saw Judith inside getting our things ready and about to order food when I said, “why is Jeph out in the car?”

Of course she told me she lied to him saying they needed to pick something up and I so ruined it!  Good one, Landa.  We got a few laughs out of that. Judith ordered food and we got our shoes.  Josh thought it would be cute to add interesting names to the line-up on the screen.  We played and then we feasted on the banquet of food Judith ordered (thanks Judith!)

Oh my goodness, the Tasty Chicken was soooo tasty, I need to go back and get that to go!  Delicious indeed!

I was so sure Jeph would win this thing.  I usually suck.

How’s that form of his?

Go Judith! Jeph stands by watching his wife bowl.

Who would’ve thought that I would emerge as the WINNER of the first game.  Woohoo!  I was so excited!

I think my final score was a 110…so exciting!!

We started another game and busted out the cake.  It was Chantilly Cake from Liliha Bakery.  Yum.

Josh and I

Happy Birthday Jeph, welcome to the 30’s.  HAHA!

Chantilly Cake from Liliha Bakery

Well, Josh was on a mission to beat me at bowling.  And as I told everyone, the longer I play, the more I suck at it.

Josh FINALLY won, but I still beat him with the score from the first game.  HAHA!

Overall it was a fun night and I can’t wait to go bowling again!


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