Latest on Miss Nani-Girl: 040311

I didn’t have a chance to update much on Miss Nani-Girl but let me tell you, that dog that was on the brink of death is now acting like a dog on cocaine!

NaniGirl and Me, she’s panting like a crazed dog, but she looks happy.  Haha!

The past two nights she had kept Josh and I up because she wouldn’t go to sleep and kept pacing the room like a madwoman.  I was so concerned that I called the vet, thinking it can’t be healthy that she is breathing so hard as if she just ran a race.  Plus, she can’t stop eating!  I don’t blame her really, but it can’t be good for her either…

So the vet and I talked and she said, I was right, it’s not good that she’s breathing so hard and won’t sleep.  I asked her if her thyroid meds are too strong (1 every 12 hours, so that’s twice a day).  She said it could be that and the steroids amping her up.  I told her she ate 5 times in one day.

This is uncharted territory for Dr. K.  She’s only had 4-5 SARDS cases in all her 20 years of being a vet and all of them came this year.  One of the dogs died after receiving steroids late in the game.  Nani has the advantage in that her organs are all fine, her regular blood work (other than the SARDS blood work) was okay.  So it’s interesting that through this course we are taking with Nani-Girl, Dr. K will learn more about treating SARDS cases.

She asked me if we can handle her being so crazed and I said, well we’ll put up with it, but Josh and I decided to lower her pill intake, just so her heart doesn’t give out.  What the thyroid medication is doing is increasing her metabolism (her thyroid levels were very low in the test so we are supplementing it through the pills) well no wonder she’s eating like she’s starving, her body is burning up that food quickly.

Before leaving the house yesterday we finally put her in a crate.  She hated it, barked, scratched, but she was so hyper she would have done something foolish like walk up the stairs and fall all the way back down (she did that when I was home…freaked me out, Josh said she wasn’t harmed…landed on her butt…she could have broken a leg!)-her judgement is a little screwed up because all she wants is food!

She can’t stay still!

The reason why her tongue is hanging out of her mouth in the pictures making her look so cute is that she is breathing very hard.  Harder than she should be breathing.

Today, I took her out to pee at 6am, because she not only paces the room, she now realizes in her blindness, which side I sleep on and stands up on her legs and licks my face if it’s close to the edge of the bed.  So whenever I pick her up and put her on the bed, ten minutes later she’s trying to jump off the bed.  It was driving me bonkers.  But I did manage to get some shut eye for another hour…by then she was starving, so I fed her a half a can of dog food, and then another bowl of chopped up dry oat treats (it’s too hard for her to chew), then I force fed her water.  I have not seen her drink water on her own yet and that’s bad…a dog can die from not drinking water for two days.  No matter how much it eats.

So yes, I am force feeding her water but at least she swallows now.  She doesn’t fight it so I try giving her lots of water.  She is peeing a lot.  I gave her half a pill this morning and let her pace outside on the grass.  I worked out for 22 minutes and when I came back in the house, the water bowl had been tipped meaning she was hungry again!  Grrr…after cleaning the mess, I went up to shower and she followed, then I started cleaning and she wanted to follow me up and down the stairs, driving me crazy again.  So instead I finished up cleaning and took Sky out for a walk.

Then I took Nani out for a walk.  Oh happy day.  She moves like she’s not blind.  The dog is practically running/walking.  So different from 4 weeks ago!  She lets me lead her with the leash and we got a good walk outside of the neighborhood before I noticed her hard breathing and tongue sticking out.  Did I walk her too long?  It’s hot outside and that pill makes her so hyper…so we walked back and I was afraid I had given her heat stroke, she was still walking quickly, but now she was breathing harder.  We got inside the house, I gave her more water and more chopped up dog treats.

Right now she is on the bed with me and she’s slowed down considerably.  She’s laid down a couple times and every time I think she’s sleeping I feel her get up and start walking around the bed, slowly this time, not as hyper so I think half a pill is good.  I know she’s tired.  She has to be…she hasn’t really slept in the past three days!

Overall, since the medication she’s:
* eating way much more
* she’s walking on a leash with enthusiasm
* she can smell and hear much better, I don’t think she can see although in some SARDS cases, treatment helps them to have limited eyesight
* she gives Kisses now when asked (she didn’t when she was sick)
* she wags her tail like before especially we come home
* Sky is starting to instigate her to play with her again (but Nani doesn’t get it)
* she’s walking up the stairs, jumping from the couch and tipping water bowls (she’s almost back to her old self…lol)

She’s still not out in the clear-I do believe from now on she will need thryoid and steroid treatment for the rest of her life, however long it will be.

I just can’t believe she’s here and alive.  I was almost convinced that it was time to put her down.  I’ve heard of some owners hearing their dog has SARDS and putting them down right away because there was nothing to be done. She was practically dead when I brought her to the vet, but I knew deep down inside we had no real clue as to why she was going downhill…we needed to try something because either way she was going to die.

I don’t know how long she’s going to live, but SARDS is not curable, I do believe the treatment is to alleviate some of their suffering as they live with SARDS.  And I knew deep down Nani-Girl is a fighter and why?

* She was given to three different owners when she was a puppy, she ran away from two of those homes.
* In the beginning when I had her, she kept running away and I lived on a very busy street-you’d think she’d die from being hit by a car…but nope, she always found her way back to our house!
* She had a knee that would pop out (yup, it would dislocate like once a week) since she was a puppy…I could only afford surgery years later so she lived with the pain of it a long time.  She jumped from beds, couches, tables, my truck bed all with that bad knee and she was a little speed demon too.
* She dominates a husky named Sky…lol…
* She’s stubborn as heck as my sister says, “the diva is back…

Thanks everyone for your prayers and thoughts, I will keep you updated.  I think it’s awesome when people I know from facebook see my somewhere and they’re like “how’s your dog?”  There is a Nani-Girl fan club and it definitely helped me cope when she was at her worst and we were giving her iv fluids.  It was rough.

We have to see if she survives this week until she gets her next shot on Saturday and I’m about to leave the house to buy more dog food since she’s obviously very hungry!!  🙂  Have a wonderful Sunday!


One thought on “Latest on Miss Nani-Girl: 040311

  1. Yolanda, I am so pleased. It sounds like she is really doing quite well. I understand that steroids makes people and pets very hungry. Maybe that is her cause of so much hunger. My little Maggie was blind from diabetes. She got insulin shots for about 5 years. She was also blind but she could do almost anything a sighted dog could do. They make balls with sound for those that like to play ball. They are amazingly able to recover almost all functions. Lani, keep up the recovery progress!!!

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