Minor Setback with Nanigirl: Update 040411

I came home today after babysitting my nephews since 8:30am and Josh said Nanigirl had a bowel movement in the house.  He cleaned it up, took her outside and let her do any more business.  He let her in two hours later and she went upstairs and had another bowel movement in his computer room.  This time he said there was a little blood with the stool.  I had asked him if she ate dinner and he said he gave her the dry dog food as I told him to do but she only ate half the bowl…huh…interesting…she didn’t finish it.

I attributed it the blood to her not having a bowel movement for two weeks!  She had her first one on Saturday afternoon and boy…did it take her awhile, I actually thought it would be problematic and I’d have to help her but she got it done.  I did wonder if she ripped something…it looked like it hurt!

Sunday she had a clean, still large,  bowel movement.  And this morning before I left for work, it was the same.  I thought she was doing good!  I also thought today to let her eat only one bowl of wet dog food because she’s been over eating and I’ve been giving her way too much thinking I need to fatten her back up.  So this is definitely partly my fault.  Josh did tell me to give her less.

Bloody stools according to my Google search can be a result of changing the diet too fast and too much. Ever since she’s been home she’s had baby food, wet dog food (of different flavors), turkey slices, chicken meat, dry dog food and oat treats! She’s just been so hungry…

Well I walked her this evening and she met a new dog in the neighborhood, a toy pomeranian named Miley who was oh so cute and the friendliest Pomeranian I’ve ever met!  They had a nice meeting, sniffing butts and wagging tails.  I got to talk to her owner for awhile and then Nani even followed the dog, which was cute.

We came inside and I put down the rest of her dry dog food (the stuff she didn’t finish) in front of her, but I did half it with Sky so Sky ate most of it.  Nani Girl finally ate the rest and had been drinking lots of water on her own tonight.  No water dropper for her, which is great.

What is NOT great is that in the past two hours, she’s had two very bloody stools.  It freaked me out, I thought she was dying!  The first one was really watery and bloody, the second one had a little less blood but still it was diarrhea.  I called the vet’s emergency number after the first bloody stool I saw.

Thank God they are always so good at calling me back!  Stephanie (my favorite vet tech in the whole wide world), called and said I have to minimize her food intake, go back to chicken broth and rice to settle her stomach and it will keep her hydrated.  She asked me if she was lethargic…I said the dog hasn’t calmed down since Wednesday!

After her diarrhea she still paced around her food bowl.  It’s 10:22pm and she’s finally resting (nope I lied, she heard me in the kitchen and got up to see if I got food…even with her stomach gurgling…geez!).

I saw her drink water after both bouts with diarrhea, which I’m very relieved about.  She can lose lots of water with diarrhea.  The vet office is closed tomorrow but Steph said she was going in to work on some of the hospital cases and will let Dr. K know about my situation and if she says I need to see a vet, they will send me to their sister office to see Dr. Hirata at the old building I used to take my dogs to in Liliha.

I’m going to try and stay up as late as I can tonight-I can’t imagine finding diarrhea all over my bedroom in the morning, that would really, really suck.  I’ll stay downstairs where I can watch her better.  Right now she is sniffing her empty food bowl and taking big gulps of water.

I hope the blood in her stool isn’t because she’s hemorrhaging or have internal bleeding from some other organ besides her colon.  I thought maybe she hurt herself from passing some pretty big poop the last few days but I don’t know now…the few days I’ve been really concerned with her heavy panting and breathing, it’s been really unnatural to the point it woke Josh and I up last night.  I know it’s from the steroids but I just worry she’ll pass out and die.

I don’t think I’m afraid that she will die, if she dies then at least we tried our best to give her the best care we could-I am very at peace with that now.  I just don’t want her suffering if she is injured inside her body.

I just gave her feet a washing (she’s blind and yes she stepped in her own poop!  arrrghhh)  and she ran around, wagging her tail (just like she used to before she went blind)…so I’ll see what happens tonight and tomorrow. I will take her in on Wednesday for her a check once more.  I just filled my gas tank too..(sigh)

Right now, she is pacing the dining room, trying to get my attention because I’m at the dining table and she’s looking for food.  So bad!  But I’m on doctor’s orders, she gets chicken broth and rice for breakfast.  Too bad for her!


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